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Online educational tutorials with live trainers provide photographers with basic information, insights, and tips to achieve color control, consistency and creativity in their digital imaging and video workflow


North White Plains, NY – July 1, 2013X-Rite Photo Marketing announces its schedule of free July 2013 Webinars that have been developed to address specific color management topics and are designed to appeal to both professional and serious amateur photographers and videographers. 

During the month of July X-Rite is offering three free webinars to help photographers and videographers gain new confidence and to learn quick, easy and powerful ways to enhance their color workflow. These webinars are designed to be informational as well as inspirational by offering photographers practical ways to improve their photography. Webinar attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the live trainers. 

“This month’s webinars provide valuable information to help photographers and videographers learn about the importance of color management and how they can take control of their digital imaging workflow operations,” said Joshua Fischer, Product Marketing Manager, X-Rite Photo Marketing. “The free July webinar schedule includes three helpful sessions that focus on creative photography, post-production workflow and professional level monitor calibration for still-imaging and video applications.” 


July 2013 Webinar Schedule


Date: July 15th

Time: 12:00 pm EDT

Title: Color Management for the Rest of Us

Presenter: Tony Corbell & Brenda Hipsher

*Co-sponsored by White House Custom Colour (WHCC)


Managing a photographer’s color workflow is one of the most important elements in obtaining repeatable and predictable results. This webinar, co-sponsored by X-Rite Photo and White House Custom Colour (WHCC), features a discussion of monitor calibration and general color management. WHCC knows the importance of having finished prints that meet a photographer’s expectations by providing “the perfect color match.” X-Rite provides the solutions that simplify color workflow issues for photographers allowing them to concentrate on the business and art of their photography.

Join Tony Corbell of WHCC and Brenda Hipsher, X-Rite Field Marketing Manager in the U.S. and Canada, as they discuss how easy it is to put color management in place in a photographer’s workflow to save time, money, and frustration. There will be a live question and answer session following the presentation.

Please note that pre-registration for this webinar is not necessary.
To view the live webinar, interested participants simply need to bookmark this link: and mark their calendar for July 15th!
The webinar will begin at 12:00 pm EDT (9:00 am PDT) on Wednesday, July 15, 2013.


Date: July 24th

Time: 1:00 pm EDT

Title: Simply Amazing Color. Take control of your monitor, projector, printer and camera! Presenter: Brenda Hipsher



The X-Rite ColorMunki Family of color management solutions provides advanced control for the digital workflow of any photographer.  This webinar will review the individual ColorMunki solutions including software demonstrations and discussions of how each solution is used.

From monitor and projector to printer and camera, the ColorMunki family provides choices and solutions for the needs of all photographers.  All options are small and portable for travel keeping a photographer’s workflow in control no matter where in the world they find themselves.

This live webinar provides participants with the opportunity to ask questions and understand each solution in detail so they can make the right decision on what ColorMunki family solution is for them.

Register today to secure your seat. Attendees will enjoy special discounts so don’t miss your opportunity to adopt your own ColorMunki.  Stop guessing. Start knowing. Get your color workflow under control with ColorMunki by X-Rite.


To register for this free webinar, visit:


Date: July 31st

Time: 1:00 pm EDT

Title: Professional Monitor Calibration for Still & Video

 Presenter: Brenda Hipsher


As more and more still photographers move into videography with DSLR cameras the need for color management solutions specific to those output environments has become obvious.  X-Rite’s i1Profiler software now includes video presets for popular video formats including NTSC, PAL-SECAM, and Rec. 709. The introduction last year of the new i1Display Pro colorimeter combined with these presets in i1Profiler makes the X-Rite i1Display Pro the logical solution for calibrating and profiling monitors for video editing and output.

When i1Display Pro is combined with X-Rite ColorCheckers the combination provides a capture to output solution for video editing that allows exceptional control over white balance in any scene.

This webinar will review how to access and utilize the video presets in i1Profiler software and will briefly look at use of ColorCheckers in the video footage as a visual reference.

For photographers shooting, editing, and preparing video for output, this webinar will give them the insight into X-Rite color management solutions that can streamline their color control in video.


To register for this free webinar, visit:



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