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Well, that’s the question – one of many covered in our new Photos at your Fingertips study, which analyzes the potential impact of versatile photo organizing solutions coming to market.
For this study we surveyed 1009 North American smartphone and digital camera photographers to assess their photo organizing behavior, their photo organizing needs, and the expected impact of the next generation of Photos at your Fingertips solutions on their photo taking, photo editing, photo sharing, and photo print product ordering behavior.
In general, our respondents expect to order more photo prints, photobooks and other photo print products as a result of these solutions, although respondents differ significantly depending on the print product category and their gender, age or parental status.
Whereas the report is primarily quantitative in nature, three open questions let respondents describe in their own words:
  • The process of locating photos (550 comments)
  • The features they’d like to see in Photos at your Fingertips organizing solutions (332 comments)
  • The impact of Photos at your Fingertips solutions on their anticipated photo taking, editing, sharing or print ordering behavior (276 comments)
Below are eight indicative (and unedited) examples from the 276 “behavioral impact” comments, selected from the sub-category of
print product ordering comments.
Impact of Photos at your Fingertips solutions on printing in general:
  • I think that I would definitely order things like photobooks and other products with my pictures printed on them.
Impact of Photos at your Fingertips solutions on printing at local retailers:
  • It would greatly increase my interest in all those ordering and print services if it had auto uplinks to the order for local print places including Walmart and Walgreens.
Impact on printing if print services were embedded in Photos at your Fingertips services:
  • If everything was in one place and a service offered photos at your fingertips along with order prints and photo products that would be amazing.
  • The only thing I can think of to improve this type of service is to have the ability to send the pictures for professional printing with just a few additional clicks, as opposed to having to open a new application or window and search from there all over again.
Impact of Photos at your Fingertips solutions on both sharing and printing:
  • I would probably do more sharing and buying prints since it would be easier to find the ones I really like.
Desirability of deduplication as part of Photos at your Fingertips services:
  • If I can find them easily and check for duplicates I will be more likely to print and buy photos.
Desirability of print + photo editing as part of Photos at your Fingertips services:
  • It would be easier to locate photos to print.  If there were editing software built in that would be great. Also make items such as mugs, t-shirts, buttons etc. with the photos on them available for sale.
Desirability of print order management inside Photos at your Fingertips solutions:
  • Sometimes I lag between times I order prints because I can’t remember the last photo I ordered and where I will need to pick up.  If the service somehow could remember the last photos I ordered and made that easily accessible, that would be amazing.
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