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Many years ago, people began using photos and videos as a method of capturing moments of their life. Today’s people can use the app Captured – new and improved way to collect and share your memories.

On April the 20th Pasonek LLC, the ambitious self-made newcomer announced the launch of their first mobile app, which is now available for iOS. The international team of developers from Ukraine, Sweden and Spain are proud to present their creation –Captured.

With the use of the app Captured, it is effortless to create an endless number of stories about your life. It’s as simple as capturing 3 second moments, selecting the desired footage from your gallery, and build. The app will combine your precious 3 second clips and create your personal movie instantly. After your movie clip is created you can save it and/or share it instantly from the app on multiple social media platform options.

Captured is a new format of story telling.

The uniqueness of this app is in value of each moment of your life. You can’t retake or edit a moment in time; but with Captured you can capture multiple moments in your life to tell a story and share with others. This app provides the ability to the user to share the happiness and priceless emotions that they experienced at the moment of recording, and then piece it together into a movie. This is what makes this app so great.

This app is user friendly for all ages with 4 easy steps: “capture-select-build-share.” This app makes it fast and easy to capture and create stories and share them on any social media platform as the ‘moments’ are shot in a square format to fit the most popular Instagram and Facebook layouts.

About us:

The company was founded in April 2016 by Yaroslav Pasichnychenko – a promising Ukrainian entrepreneur. Pasonek LLC is working on the Captured app at the moment, but the young team of three has also started to plan the development of many other apps and games to come in the near future.

“I believe we have developed a product that we can be proud of. This app is bugs free, optimized and user-friendly for all ages. There are still many features we want to implement in the near future and I hope to get an active loyal audience to use Captured and with their input help us to improve it together. I am sure this is just a beginning of something great.” – says Yaroslav Pasichnychenko, CEO and founder of Pasonek LLC.

So, will Captured replace Snapchat’s and Instagram’s story?
“Captured should be looked at as a great addition to Instagram, not a competitor. Instagram is a great platform to share your stories created with Captured.” – says Yaroslav.

Captured is currently only available for iOS platform in the AppStore, and soon to be available for Android in GooglePlay.

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