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Research findings + Visual 1st camera panel

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As we’re gearing up toward our Visual 1st conference, which will feature a stellar panel of camera vendors (see more below), I’d like to whet your appetite and share a few highlights from our Beyond smartphones and digital cameras – The Long Tail of Cameras survey, conducted a few months ago among 1055 North American respondents who take at least 5 photos a month.

It’s **19 days** until Visual 1st – it’s time to buy your ticket now!  October 22-23, San Francisco.

What types of cameras do our respondents or their partners own?

Note that digital cameras are not down and out: 63% of the respondents or their partner own a digital camera. While none of the long tail cameras (any camera besides a smartphone or digital camera) is owned by more than 7% of the respondents or their partners, 17% own some type of a long tail camera at this point:

Owning a camera is one thing, but how frequently do consumers use the cameras they own?

Here are the results for two among the least frequently used camera types (action cams and instant print cameras) and the predictable one that is most often used, smartphones.

Action cams apparently require special occasions to be used, and instant print cameras – like film cameras in the past – cost money and make you think twice before you use them.

Much more about camera ownership, usage, inclination to buy and demographic differences with respect to 10 camera types is captured in our Beyond smartphones and digital cameras – The Long Tail of Cameras report.

Consumer behavior and opinions is one thing, but what are the perspectives and visions for the future among innovative camera vendors?

I’d like to invite you to attend Visual 1st, October 22-23 in San Francisco, where we will have the pleasure of presenting the following panel:

The exploding mix of image capture options: smartphones, digital cameras, and the Long Tail of Cameras

Today’s consumers enjoy the broadest set of options ever available in photo/video capture tools: from smartphones and digital cameras to pet cameras and no-viewfinder AI-powered devices. Image capture remains the bedrock of the visual ecosystem, therefore it’s vital to not only understand the use cases behind these various cameras, but also to explore how the imagery these devices capture can be integrated with solutions for innovative visual enhancement, sharing, memory preservation, and printing.


Attend the Exploding mix of image capture options panel at Visual 1st, October 22-23 in San Francisco! Buy your ticket now!


And a few more things …

The Imaging Alliance. The Imaging Alliance announces several new companies to their board of directors and two new directors appointed from existing members. The companies they represent include Birger Engineering, Rylo, Kodak PixPro, Vitec Imaging Distribution and Sony. (Disclosure: I am member of the Imaging Alliance board of directors).

Snapfish & CafePressSnapfish will acquire CafePress for $25.3M. Struggling Louisville ecommerce retailer CafePress will be acquired by Snapfish for a stock deal worth about $25.3M (17.1 million shares at $1.48 per share). CafePress generated $85.7M of revenues in 2017. Ouch!

CEWE. One of the cooler things I saw at photokina last week was CEWE’s prototype of an app that lets you create a photobook through voice commands. Say “Create a CEWE Photobook for me from my last holiday in Holland,” and the technology will auto-curate your photos and auto-layout your book in just seconds. We can’t wait to see this implemented in Alexa, Siri, and Google Home or Assistant!

Panasonic. It’s the season of mirrorless full-frame camera announcements. Panasonic unveils its first full-frame mirrorless cameras, the LUMIX S1R and the S1. See here for an overview of the major photokina camera announcements.

Fujifilm & CaptureLife. Two Visual 1st Gold sponsors announce their partnership: CaptureLife announced a partnership with Fujifilm North America Corp. through which Fujifilm will provide fulfillment services for photo-printing products, as well as ship-to-store capability to Fujifilm’s retail customers (Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, and Sam’s Club).

CloudPrinter. CloudPrinter launches its CloudPublish API, which enables publishers to use just one service to connect their publishing applications to hundreds of audited, automated and integrated print providers, according to the company. The service includes automatic or custom routing, live production signals, transparent pricing, security and anti-fraud, and live quoting.

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