Our Vision

The Imaging Alliance is an essential focal point for business insight in a dynamic landscape.

Our Vision

The Imaging Alliance actively promotes the economic growth and sustainable development of both current and future imaging applications. The alliance creates a sense of community among its members through philanthropic spirit in support of products and services that lead to innovation in capturing, printing, sharing, experiencing, enhancing, storing and distributing visual communication.

Our mission is to further develop and advance the imaging industry through our collective efforts and to attract and serve alliance partners.

The Imaging Industry has evolved

Technology has transformed nearly every aspect of our industry at a pace that implores us to remain relevant and competitive. As photography has become ubiquitous, and the realm of visual communication has expanded, our challenge is to harness the emotional aspects of imaging while capitalizing on the commerce opportunities.

Building on a nearly 80-year legacy of the PMDA, The Imaging Alliance is dedicated to helping the imaging industry adapt to disruptive technologies and changing consumer preferences, by connecting members to a network of industry leaders, knowledge and insight.

The Imaging Alliance:

  • Serves as a conduit for thought leadership and a catalyst for conversation
  • Cultivates and strengthens connections between peers, partners, and prospects
  • Advances innovation and collaboration in the imaging industry
  • Identifies trends in a rapidly changing global marketplace
  • Creates opportunities for continuous learning and career development
  • Engages customers and consumers to drive business growth
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The Imaging Alliance