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Featuring the solo exhibit of Teodora Pogonat

AUSTIN, Texas (PRWEB) September 21, 2018

The Pink Parachute Project Touches Down Nov. 2, 2018 at Art for the People Gallery in Austin, TX

The Pink Parachute Project is an uplifting women’s empowerment image series created by Austin based photographer Teodora Pogonat. It explores women’s issues and strengths through symbolic environments. The photographer uses an actual 30 lb. pink 1967 British parachute throughout the series, to symbolize the struggles and gender issues women face throughout their lifetime. The images explore women’s uphill battles and strength when confronted with various disparities, even as they are expected to appear graceful, feminine, and owning their beauty.

This project represents women ’s innate ability to nurture while remaining independent. The dichotomy of putting on a pretty public face despite internal angst is also explored. Each woman in the series embraces the significance of their environment and in the hidden meanings of their pose.

The parachute is the symbol of resistance. The pink dress takes the metaphor further: rising above it all, and going against the wind that tries to hold women back, they conquer it all and still move forward with their essential life-giving nature intact. This same parachute also is a symbol of safety and reassurance. It takes courage to jump, sometimes into the void. Women, standing together, become each other’s pink parachute.

The launch in Austin is just the beginning of a stateside national tour with eventual landings in Denver, Miami, Los Angeles and elsewhere. Many of the current women’s movements and political statements expressed in the #Resistence or #MeToo rallies bounded up into the consciousness of millions and then fell into a media black hole after each outrage and protest. Teodora’s goal with The Pink Parachute Project is to nurture a consistent persistence in the hearts of women and to foster the message to never give up on expecting equality.

About the Artist

Teodora Pogonat is an award-winning, published fine art and portrait photographer. Born in Bucharest, Romania, and raised in Miami, she settled in Austin in 2000. Her photographic style is strongly influenced by the multi-cultural environment she grew up in, and from extensive domestic and international travel.

After leaving a career as an electrical engineer in 2013, Teodora transitioned to professional photography. She earned an Associates of Applied Science degree in Professional Photography with a minor in portrait and wedding. She is a candidate for a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) accreditation, granted by the National Professional Photographers Association.

Artist’s Statement

Women bear life. Like a tree whose roots run deep and hold the earth around it together, women are the roots of society and civilization. We make the difference for future generations. Like a parachute, we take charge of our direction, steering it to land where we choose. The parachute can be thought of as an anchor, or as a tool to help reach a destination. The destination I am aiming for is full-on equality.


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