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The Hell With Perfection. Freedom For Photography!

Shake off expectations and let the Diana Instant Square fill your frame with unpredictable beauty.

There’s no re-take, no post-production polishing — only the lo-fi magic of the original Diana sprinkled on square format instant film. Lomography’s latest invention electrifies your life with  spontaneity, freedom and mesmerizing analogue creativity. It dares you to trust your instincts — to embrace imperfection and lose yourself in the love of film photography. Back us on Kickstarter now to get the world’s first Instax camera with interchangeable lenses and a hot-shoe mount!

Bringing the lo-fi magic of the legendary 1960s Diana camera’s to square format instant


Compatible with all of the interchangeable lenses already produced for the Diana F+ — a 110

mm telephoto lens, 75 mm glass lens, 20 mm fisheye lens, 38 mm super-wide-angle lens,

and a 55 mm wide-angle lens which comes with a close-up attachment. What’s more, you

can use all the existing lens attachments created for the Lomo’Instant Square Glass, too.

Packed with an incredible range of experimental features including unlimited multiple and

long exposures, a selfie mirror, and an array of accessories such as a Splitzer, Color and

Neutral Density Filters, and much more.

Featuring fully manual aperture and focus, along with a detachable bright viewfinder and

two shutter speeds (N and B Mode) to give you complete artistic freedom.

Works with the original Diana F+ flash, and has a hot-shoe mount to attach a wide range of

other flashes. Throw a dazzling burst of light on your subject, and experiment with color gel

flash filters.



The Diana Instant Square is a shout out to the gritty film photography of decades past, a rejection of

polished perfection, and a celebration of the little sparks of unique beauty that are often mislabelled

as flaws. It produces all the strong, saturated colors; rich, moody vignetting; and beautifully

unpredictable effects that rocketed its 1960s predecessor to analogue fame. The original Diana took

the photography world by storm in an iconic blue and black design, and the Diana Instant Square is

every bit as stylish. It edges striking square frames in gorgeous effects that make every image

captivatingly original. No two shots will ever be the same.



The Diana Instant Square isn’t about following the rules. It’s about challenging expectation,

embracing imperfection and braving your boldest experiments. That’s why the aperture and focus are

fully manual. The intuitive zone-focusing system lets you switch focus at a simple twist. The aperture

settings correspond to the weather — ‘sunny’, ‘cloudy’ — so that you can get your exposure right even

if you’re new to analogue photography. From Bulb Mode to Multiple Exposure Mode and more; this

creative camera is packed with Lomography’s signature features so that you can craft a frame to suit

your style. Trust your instincts. Beautiful things will happen.



Not only is the Diana Instant Square packed with features to spark your inspiration, but it’s also

compatible with heaps of accessories to keep the analogue fire burning. It works with the existing

Diana F+ flash, and it’s got a hot-shoe mount so that you can attach a range of other flashes to light

up your world. You can use color gel flash filters to tint your shot a whole new hue. It’s compatible

with all the interchangeable lenses that Lomography have already produced for the Diana F+ — a 110

mm telephoto lens, 75 mm glass lens, 20 mm fisheye lens, 38 mm super-wide-angle lens, and a 55

mm wide-angle lens which comes with a close-up attachment. And, because this box of lo-fi magic is

equipped with a standard filter thread that matches the one on the Lomo’Instant Square, it also works

with the Lomo’Instant Square’s portrait and wide-angle lens attachments, Splitzer, Neutral Density

and Color Filters, and so much more! Add to that a built-in mirror for the perfect self portrait, and

detachable bright viewfinders optimized for each of the interchangeable lenses, and you’ve got

everything you need to create something incredible.


From gogo boots to beehives, the 1960s was a seriously stylish decade. The Diana was no exception.

With striking looks and an incredible aesthetic, it captured Lomography’s analogue heart. In 2007,

Lomography launched the Diana+ — a reinvention of the original medium format camera packed with

tons of extra features. And it didn’t stop there. From the the Diana Mini 35 mm to the Diana Baby 110,

Diana Instant Back+ and Diana+ 35 mm Back, Lomography has brought the captivating effects of an

analogue icon to a range of different formats and colorful designs. And the Diana Instant Square is no

exception. It’s available in two gorgeous designs, and infused with the very DNA that keeps

Lomography alive. It dares you to go out on a limb — to take a deep breath and brave your boldest

experiments. Let go of expectations and give in to your craziest ideas.

The Diana Instant Square will launch on

Kickstarter on 20th June 2018. For the first 24

hours, you’ll be able to save a huge 35% off the

final retail price — that means that you can pick

up this brand new camera for just 65 USD! Make

sure you don’t miss out.



Film Format: Fujifilm Instax Square Film

Film Size: 86 mm x 72 mm

Dimensions: (WxHxD) 140 mm x 115 mm x 98 mm

Exposure Area: 62 mm x 62 mm

Shutter Speed: N (1/60), B (Bulb Mode, Unlimited)

Aperture: Manual settings, cloudy (f/11), partly

sunny (f/19), sunny (f/32)

Film Ejection Mechanism: Motorized

Multiple Exposures: Unlimited

Flash: Diana F+ Flash (with adapter, included in package),

hot shoe (with adapter, included in package)

Interchangeable Lens Mount: Diana F+ bayonet mount

Focal Length of Kit Lens: 75 mm

Zone Focusing Setting (kit lens): 1-2 m / 2-4 m / 4 m-infinity

Tripod Mount: Yes

Selfie Mirror: Yes

Viewfinder: Reverse-Galilean, detachable

Battery Supply: 4x AAA batteries – please note that

batteries are not included

Filter Thread Diameter on 75 mm kit lens: 30.5 x 0.75

What the Hell is Lomography?

The Lomographic Society International is photography’s wildchild.

Fuelled by fiery passion and burning curiosity, we’re a free-spirited

movement made up of over 1 million bold and brilliant creatives from

every corner of the world. Lomography is a license to let loose, an

invitation to ignite your inspiration, and a platform to catapult your

shots around the globe. Whether you’re a complete novice or a

photography pro, we believe that you harness the power to create

something incredible — and we’re dedicated to providing you with all

the photographic tools you need.

Who the Hell Are Lomographers?

Lomographers can be anyone and everyone! All that matters is that

you have a passion for photography — and a hunger for pushing the

boundaries. Lomographers have wandering minds and ever-curious

souls. They’re willing to take risks; to throw the rulebook out of the

window and trust their instincts. Their very existence is defined by

the impulse to create something incredible. Lomographers don’t aim

for the perfect shot. They aim for a shot that captures the crazy,

beautiful, terrifying, electrifying experience that is being alive. Does

this sound like you? Become a Lomographer today.



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