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OREM, Utah (PRWEB) September 30, 2020

The Amp Light, the ultimate solution for optimal webcam and video conferencing lighting, today launched on Kickstarter.

The Amp Light is the first computer mountable edge-lit webcam light with a magnetic mounting system that sets up in seconds and eliminates suction cups, clips or clamps of any sort. The Amp Light’s edge-lit design produces an ultra-soft, perfectly diffused light.

The custom mounting system allows for a permanent desk setup or an on-the-go, low-profile light, perfect for proper webcam lighting as 89% of people today are using Zoom for work, while 63% are using it for conversations with friends and family.

Millions of people are also using YouTube to make money or supplement their income. The Amp Light takes the guesswork out of creating the best videos.

“Everyone deserves to look good and feel confident on camera, and in today’s remote world, being on camera on a daily basis is the new norm,” said Logan Bailey, Founder of FUSE REEL and creator of The Amp Light. “I realized there has been no innovation in lighting to accommodate the millions of people that aren’t professional videographers but want a solution better than duct taping a flashlight to their computer. We designed The Amp Light so you can webcam with confidence, and have fun doing it”.

The Amp Light features 80 LEDs that are bi-color from warm amber to daylight white and brightness adjustable for close range lighting to an outdoor photoshoot. It is USB-C powered with a built-in 12 hour battery for that on-the-go conference call or live stream.

Problems Amp Lights Solves:

  • Harsh blinding light – The Amp Light’s Edge-lit design eliminates blinding hotspots common with back-lit photography or ring lights and casts a perfectly soft and diffused light.
  • Versatility – The fully adjustable magnetic ball mount allows for a quick set up without tightening a screw or clip. The premium aluminum neck is strong and low profile to take on the go. The neck slides into either the adhesive monitor mount or the weighted desk stand without having to tighten bulky hardware. The rubber lining in the monitor mount and desk stand grip the neck at any height for one hand adjustability.
  • Ease of use – although it seems like an insignificant design feature, the large tactile buttons make adjusting the brightness, and color easy during a recording session or video call. No more small hard-to-reach buttons like most studio lighting.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – The Amp Light is designed to fit seamlessly into a professional’s desk and even enhance the overall vibe and appeal. Unlike a giant ring light attached to an industrial looking photography mount or GoPro suction cup stuck to a photography light, The Amp Light is a product professionals would be proud to display on their desks.

For more information about The Amp Light and to pre-order at discounted early-bird prices, visit the crowdfunding campaign page on Kickstarter.

FUSE REEL LLC started on Kickstarter in 2017 with their staple product, The Side Winder – MacBook Charger Winder, and has since sold over 120,000 units. They now have an entire line of Apple accessories and focus on creating completely unique and innovative products that improve lives.

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