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By Michael Zhang – – January 12, 2016

The 48Hr Classic is a new leather bag that’s attracting quite a bit of interest. It has an expandable design that makes it “the urban commuter’s ultimate travel, work, and photography bag.”

Creator Alex Buzaianu says his goal was to create a single bag that looks and works well for a number of different uses: the 48Hr Classic can be used/worn as a messenger bag, a backpack, or a briefcase.




“I found myself having to switch between one bag to another to anther for primarily two reasons: size and design,” he says. “We set out to create a bag that would be by definition flexible, one that we could proudly take wherever you go.”

The main area of the bag can be expanded to 70% of its original size. It’s compact when you need to be mobile, or spacious when you need to carry more of your life with you.

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