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    Thirty years a photojournalist….always a dreamer.

    My life has been about helping people take better pictures, experience the joy of storytelling, and living life to the fullest. I have shot pictures in over 70 countries, shooting exclusively digital since 1996. So many people and events have shaped my career, but this is where I had the most fun, and have been able to tell some incredible stories.

    • Chief Photographer at The Washington Times, covering superpower summits to SuperBowls
    • Being President of the White House News Photographers for 5 years, and seeing the photo world from a different perspective.
    • Shooting commercial imagery for Discovery Channel productions in 17 countries as the first contract photographer for the network.
    • Traveling the world with Mark Burnett Productions, shooting Eco Challenge, The Apprentice, The Contender and many others. The inspiration and drive to succeed from my friend Mark will always guide my life.
    • Creating Blue Pixel and helping hundreds of thousands of people learn to shoot better! (Nikon School, Sony Digital Days, Best Buy staff training and Leadership Summits) The teamwork we fostered among 30 pro photographers to teach and inspire is still breathtaking.
    • Leading a dozen American Photo Mentor Treks around the world, and ushering in the new digital world to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
    • Creating photo excursions and international travel expeditions for Exclusive Resorts Once in a Lifetime series of amazing adventures
    • Teaching photography for 4 years at TED, in the TED University program
    • Creating PhotoCoaches, to help individuals achieve photography success!
    • Speaking at Best Buy, Sony and Lowepro leadership events around the world, offering inspiration and unique perspectives on the photo industry and why people take pictures.

    And now, starting a new chapter working in the start up world, in an adventure to help millions look at their memories in a new and modern way.

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