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    Erik Widding is the President of Birger Engineering, Inc.  A 1996 graduate of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania, Erik started his career as  a Test Equipment Design Engineer at IBM Essex Junction.  A life long amateur photographer, Erik soon landed his dream job as the ASIC designer in the Consumer Digital Camera group, at Polaroid.  Waking up from the dream in 1999, following through on his academic interests in compression and machine vision, Erik founded Birger Engineering, as an engineering firm specializing in non-traditional imaging applications.

    By 2008 Birger had transitioned to a product company, making control systems that enable the use of traditional photography lenses, in non-traditional applications.  Birger lens control systems enable the remote and automated control of low cost consumer and professional camera lenses, in a wide range of markets, such as Machine Vision, Manufacturing, Broadcast, Security, Surveillance and Entertainment.

    Erik looks forward to this opportunity to work with the Imaging Alliance to help bridge the gap between traditional photographic equipment manufacturers and the non-traditional markets that Birger has enabled through its unique product offering.

    Erik lives in Boston, with his wife and son.  Erik’s interests outside of photography include: music, cooking, travel and hiking.


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