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If you want Google’s revamped Photos app to be a complete surprise, look away now: Android Police has got some authentic-looking screenshots showing off the new software as well as some details about how it works. We’re expecting Google to launch the new product at some point during Google I/O later this week.

As you would expect from Google, search plays a prominent role in the new apps: Your photos get automatically tagged with their contents, so you can run a quick search for “dog” or “beach” and get back all the matching images without having to label them all yourself. Like the current app integrated into Google+, the new one lets you back up photos at a reduced size (which doesn’t count against your space quota) or at their original resolutions (which does).

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Pictures are laid out in a clear and tidy grid with Google’s Material Design in evidence everywhere. Photos can be sorted by day or by month as usual, and the editing features have been improved as well. Android Police says the service will get a new place to live on the Web at

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