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Over the past 14 years, Shutterstock has established itself as a leading global technology company, and today it  has reached a major new milestone: over 1 billion royalty free images, videos, and music tracks licensed across all its businesses. Shutterstock’s industry-leading library now includes more than 170 million commercial images, 40 million editorial images, and 9 million video clips.

Today, Shutterstock licenses 5.5 images every second through, as well as API integrations with companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Shutterstock assets and tools not only empower businesses, marketing agencies, media organizations, and production companies around the world through e-commerce and enterprise offerings, they also seamlessly embed into the customer’s workflow, wherever that may be.

Shutterstock Reaches Over 1 Billion Licenses Sold — Shutterstock

“Shutterstock’s continued commitment to developing innovative technology, offering an unparalleled customer experience, and providing high-quality content to customers globally has led to unique partnerships providing access to customers directly from the tools they use most often,” said Jon Oringer, founder and CEO of Shutterstock. “Reaching 1 billion licenses signifies the prominent role visual communications plays in media, advertising, and film every day. I look forward to the next decade of technology advancements embedding Shutterstock everywhere, while continuing to enhance our creative platform helping customers best create and communicate their story.”

With the constant developments in the Shutterstock Labs and the release of new Shutterstock tools, the company can assist in the creation of business campaigns, productions, and news coverage. Discover the many tools Shutterstock has created to help your business.

Shutterstock has been a publicly traded company for over five years, and to mark the sale of over 1 billion licenses, Shutterstock will ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday, January 31st.

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