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The Shoebox service will be shutting down on May 22nd. We can’t thank you enough for being a user and for your support.

Please read this entire announcement. It contains important information about how to export your photos/videos, refunds, timeline, and more.

Please export your photos and videos (it only takes 5 minutes!)

It’s important that you export your data to another service or device before we shut down on May 22nd. We’ve been hard at work improving our export experience to make this process as painless as possible. We’ve added options to export your entire collection to iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, Dropbox and Google Drive.

After we shut down, all photos and videos will be deleted from our cloud service.

Getting started only takes a few minutes!

Refunds are on their way

If you are a Shoebox Pro user you will automatically receive a prorated refund for any unused portion of your Pro subscription; no action is needed to receive a refund. If you are a Shoebox Pro user at the time of this announcement, you’ll continue to receive the benefits of our Pro plan free of charge until the service is shut down.

Click here for more details on the refund process.

Shoebox is now “read-only”

As of today, you can no longer create new accounts or upload new photos/videos to Shoebox. You can still browse your photos and videos in our apps. As we get closer to the shutdown, some features may be disabled. You may continue to delete photos, videos or your entire account.

Thank you!

On a personal note, we really can’t express how grateful we are to you, our users. Thank you for downloading our app, sharing it with friends, providing feedback, and your messages. We’re humbled by your support over the years.

We hope you have enjoyed reliving your memories with Shoebox as much as we loved building it.

Thank you again,
The Shoebox Team

April 23rd, 2019

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