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More Than 80 Seminars, Photo Walks and Master Classes Focused on Photography Techniques, Lighting, Post Production, Social Media/Marketing, Filmmaking and More, Aim to Satisfy the Demand for Continuing Education

NEW YORK, July 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Emerald Expositions, Inc. has announced its lineup of educational seminars for the annual PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo (PPE). The conference seminars will take place October 29-November 1 and the Expo will be held October 30 to November 1, 2014 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.  Offering more than 80 seminars in nine thematic tracks, interactive classes and presentations have grown to include subjects such as portraiture, weddings & events, filmmaking, business, and social media/marketing. Speaking to its commitment to both emerging and professional photographers, this year’s PPE educational seminars will guide attendees in adapting to industry trends, while the new Master Classes will offer a more in-depth and intimate learning experience, due to the 25 person limit. Attendees will have countless opportunities to further craft their skills, learn new techniques, discuss business strategy, and participate in discussions with key influencers and early adopters within the industry.

“We have made a very concerted effort to include several new courses that examine our industry’s constant evolution due to the emergence of new technologies and the growth of social media networks,” explains Lauren Wendle, vice president/publisher of PDN and the Photo Group. “We want our PPE attendees to not only be aware of industry trends, but to also have the tools to be pioneers of future trends.” Reflecting this goal, this year’s PPE Technology Panel will discuss ‘How Technology is Leading the Storytelling Revolution.’ In addition, this year’s PPE Bash will create an intimate environment for VIP Expo Pass holders to interact with speakers, portfolio reviewers, exhibitors’ technology experts and prominent industry creatives.”

Attendees have various conference pass options; those who register by July 31, 2014 will benefit from a greater range of seminars and optional Master Classes at discounted prices. Attendees may register to attend PhotoPlus as members or non-members. Members of the Photo Group (PDN,, and WPPI) save up to 30% on all conference seminar passes: Full Conference Pass, One Day Conference Pass, as well as A-la-Carte Seminars and Master Class options. Through July 31, 2014, the price of a Full Conference Pass is $399 for members and $449 for non-members.  The price of a One Day Conference Pass is $149 for members and $169 for non-members. Prices for non-members increase online after July 31 and on-site. Special discounts for high school and college students and educators will be available upon the submission and approval of required credentials. Complete options and pricing may be found on the website.

Conference Tracks and Seminars
Seminars at this year’s PhotoPlus Expo are segmented into nine tracks to help attendees quickly locate and register for specific seminars.  Conference tracks include: Business, Filmmaking, Genres, Lighting, Portraiture, Post-Production, Social Media/Marketing, Steps, and Weddings & Events. Each of the seminar descriptions can be viewed on the PPE website via the Conference Schedule drop down menu or a downloadable PDF Seminar Schedule & Registration Pricing Grid.

Business Track
Seven seminars will be conducted to help attendees manage and grow their business, including:

  • How to be Your Own Best Rep (Debra Weiss/Andrea Kaye)
  • Your Picture on the Wall: Building a Career in Fine Art Photography (Andrea Meislin, Catherine Edelman, Sasha Wolf, W.M. Hunt)
  • To Be Published, or Self-Publish? Options for Artists Today (Mary Virginia Swanson)
  • Growing Your Business When Everyone Has a Camera (Judy Hermann)
  • Creative Estimating to Connect with Your Clients (Frank Meo)
  • Road to Seeing: Nurturing your Creative Sensibility (Dan Winters)
  • PDN’s 30: Strategies for Young Working Photographers (Amy Wolff, Dina Litovsky, Greer Muldowney, Marcus Smith).

Nine filmmaking seminars will be conducted during PhotoPlus Expo, including:

  • Two-Day Intensive Filmmaking Class (Joe Switzer)
  • Shoot. Edit. Sell. (Joe Switzer)
  • A Road-Map to Independent Filmmaking (Ela Their)
  • Master Class: Mastering Audio for Event Filmmaking (Adam Forgione)
  • Creative Concepts for Event Filmmaking (Kevin Shahinian)
  • Making the Transition from Photography into Filmmaking (Eduardo Angel, Ted Kawalerski, Vincent Laforet, Derick Rhodes)
  • Capturing Greatness: Vincent Laforet on Developing Engaging Photo and Video Productions (Vincent Laforet)
  • Small Crew, Big Results (Joe Simon)
  • Filmmaking Essentials for Photographers (Eduardo Angel)

This track of seminars will cover an eclectic mix of photographic genres and techniques including architectural photography, working with color, and best tips for great travel photography.  Some of the 11 seminars in this track are:

  • Architectural Photography: The Photographer/Client Relationship (Ty Cole / Ted Porter)
  • Master Class: Creative Innovation Within Photography (Benjamin Lowy)
  • Perception, Light, Gesture, Color and New Work (Jay Maisel)
  • Turning Ideas Into Pictures: A Personal Story (Cig Harvey)
  • Beauty and the Athlete (Walter Iooss)
  • Master Class: The Human Canvas (Art Wolfe)
  • Top Ten Secrets to Great Travel Photography (Andy Katz)
  • Earth is my Witness (Art Wolfe)

The Lighting track will offer 13 seminars, including two Photo Walks scheduled for Wednesday, October 29th.  Lighting track seminars include:

  • Photo Walk 3: Off-Camera Lighting for Portraiture & Fashion (Moshe Zusman)
  • Photo Walk 5: Photo Walk (Zach Arias)
  • Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait (Michael Grecco)
  • Light Fast and Well with Hotshoe Flash (Joe McNally)
  • Posing Magic: The Art of Flow (Doug Gordon)
  • Master Class: Electronic Flash for Natural Light Photographers (Kevin Ames)
  • Master Class: The Perfect Light (Roberto Valenzuela)
  • Digital Vision in Low Light (Gerd Ludwig)
  • Portraits on Location: Capturing Personality and Place (Brian Smith)
  • Master Class: Mastering Beauty Light (Dixie Dixon)
  • Night Photography: Step-by-Step (Gabriel Biderman, Jill Waterman, Matt Hill)
  • Mastering Speedlights (Lou Jones)

PhotoPlus Expo attendees will have a selection of 10 seminars to help them master the art of portraiture, including:

  • Photo Walk 2: Giving Words to the Portrait (Ruddy Roye)
  • Creating Art Anywhere (Brooke Shaden)
  • Master Class: The Power of the Face: A Roadmap to Great Portraits (Hernan Rodriguez)
  • Set Design: From Blank Space to Beautiful Images (Brooke Shaden)
  • The Art of Motion in Fashion & Beauty Photography (Sarah Silver)
  • The Big Picture: Editorial Photography Behind the Scenes (Art Streiber)
  • The Headshot as a Digital Brand (Peter Hurley)
  • Fundamentals of Dog Portrait Photography (Winnie Au)
  • Style, Vision & Technique: Shooting Portraits with Intention (Gregory Heisler)
  • Posing Secrets Uncovered: Fundamentals to Flattering Every Subject (Lindsay Adler)

Post Production
To improve your Photoshop skills, learn how to use masking and compositing, or even building a custom data storage system, check out some of the eight seminars offered in the Post Production track below:

  • Photoshop and Lightroom – Everyday Timesavers (Julieanne Kost)
  • Retouching Techniques for the Professional Look (Carrie Beene)
  • Master Class: Professional Masking & Compositing (Katrin Eismann)
  • Producing Epic Composite Imagery (Benjamin Von Wong)
  • Storytelling through Photoshop (Renee Robyn)
  • Designing Your Ideal Data Storage (Peter Krogh)
  • Your Exhibition: The Checklist (Mary Virginia Swanson)

Social Media / Marketing
The seminars in this track will teach you how to properly and effectively use social media to increase your brand awareness.  This track includes seven seminars to help you navigate through the intricacies of social media and maximize the use of mobile devices, including:

  • Leading the Revolution in Smart Phone Photography (Andrew Delaney, Benjamin Lowy, Patrick Donehue, Stephen Mayes)
  • Cross Media Projects: A New Path for Visual Storytellers (Doug Menuez, Ed Kashi, Julie Winokur, Rick Smolan, Jessica Dimmock)
  • Using Your Networks to Get Work (Andy Baker, Joey L., John Bragle, Sam Spratt)
  • How to Land Assignments for Social Media Advertising (Brian Derballa, Conor Risch, Jacob Pritchard, Jamie Applebaum, Jesse Miller)
  • Paths to Success: Photographers Intensive (Heather Elder, Juliette Wolfe Robin, Kevin Steele, Michael Grecco, Theresea Raffetto)
  • Navigating Multiple Photo Markets (Julie Grahame, Louisa J. Curtis, Megan Re, Michael Kaminski, Sarah Rosen)
  • The 21 Traits of Successful Photographers (Patrick Donehue)

The Steps track at PhotoPlus Expo incorporates several seminars that cover techniques that can be applied to nearly all aspects of photography and video.  Some of the 10 seminars in this track include:

  • Photo Walk 1: Street Photography: “Love the Process” (David Carol)
  • Photo Walk 2: Street Photography – Animated! (Giulio Sciorio)
  • Master Class: Bulletproof Digital Tech-ing on Location (Douglas Sonders)
  • The Craft and Passion of Fine-Art Digital Printing (Stephen Johnson)
  • Alternative Processes: On the Road with Lisa Elmaleh (Lisa Elmaleh)
  • Master Class: Benjamin Von Wong & Renee Robyn
  • Insights Into Contests and Competitions
  • The Passionate Photographer: Becoming The Photographer You Want to Be (Steve Simon)
  • How to Take Better Pictures with Your Mobile Device (Dan Burkholder, Katrin Eismann, Ruddy Roye)

Weddings & Events
From the latest posing techniques for brides, grooms, and bridal parties to the best practices for unique boudoir photography, these four seminars will help seasoned or emerging event photographers hone their skills and develop their reputation as creative thinkers and genuine artists.  Seminars in this track include:

  • The Most Important Lessons Learned Over a Lifetime in Photography (Cliff Mautner)
  • The Building Blocks of Flawless Posing (Roberto Valenzuela)
  • Establish your Best Practices: Bridging Talent and Success (Christian Oth)
  • Boudoir and Portrait Basics (Jennifer Rozenbaum)

For more information or for frequent updates, visit the PhotoPlus Expo website, become a fan on Facebook, or follow PhotoPlus Expo on Twitter.


About PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo
Designed for professionals in the photographic and imaging industries, PhotoPlus Expo showcases the latest advances in photography, digital imaging and filmmaking. Held annually at the Javits Convention Center, attendees have the opportunity to explore an inspiring array of photography and imaging products and services — everything from image capture and color management to retouching and storage — all from the industry’s leading manufacturers. The show also offers seminars and intimate Master Classes taught by world-renowned experts that focus on cutting-edge innovations and techniques.


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