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Sekonic Corporation, Light Meter Sales Department, has announced that the new firmware for SPECTROMASTER C‐800-U is now available

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (PRWEB) September 16, 2019

The C‐800-U SPECTROMASTER is the industry-leading handheld spectrometer for cinematographers and photographers around the world. Sekonic strives to keep this meter on the cutting edge of technology and works with top lighting manufacturers, standards organizations and organizations such as The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Science and Technology Council to keep the C‐800-U the most relevant tool for cinematographers and photographers.

The newest firmware will update the TM‐30 metric from TM‐30‐15 to TM‐30‐18, which Rf is identical with Rf of CIE 224:2017, international standard. This is a standard that many feel will replace CRI (Ra) as a more accurate way to measure the color fidelity (Rf) because TM‐30 measures 99 colors chosen from more than 100,000 measured objects vs CRI’s 8 colors. TM‐30 also measures gamut (Rg) which helps the user better understand how saturated colors will look.

This recent firmware update also shows the CCT, LB and CC properties of a preset when chosen in the Tool Box under the Preset Selection menu.

C-800-U firmware update can be done by C-800-U Utility, downloadable from the Sekonic website: GO NOW

For more information contact:

US: Ab Sesay, Sekonic Brand and Marketing Manager

To learn more about the SPECTROMASTER C-800-U series or other light measuring products from Sekonic

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