The Imaging Alliance Salutes Photographers
Who Give Back

5th annual event will take place in NYC on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The power of imaging is never more apparent then when it is used to help those in need.

The Imaging Alliance is proud to salute three professional photographers/videographers and one aspiring photographer at the annual NYC event who have used their talents and passions to give back and heighten awareness through the power of imaging.

Registration is Required and Tickets are $25 each (proceeds will go to charity)

Nominate an Aspiring Student Photographer/Videographer Here >>



Board of Director honoree nominations are due by July 9th

For more information, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Michelle Tramantano at

2020 Honorees

Paul Nicklen

Alicia Hansen

James Balog

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For all event related questions, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

2017 Event Pictures

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