Smartphones are good cameras. But sometimes they just can’t take the pictures that real cameras can.

When your memories matter, you shouldn’t phone it in…

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Why use real cameras over smartphones?

Have you ever tried to take a sports photo with your smartphone? When your daughter is making that amazing catch in the outfield or your son is taking his solo on stage, a smartphone might not cut it. How about nature photos or close-ups? Or blowing out the birthday candles in near darkness.

In so many situations, you end up with photos that are too far away, too dark and sometimes out of focus, and it’s close to impossible to capture the peak action. Does this sound familiar?

Why take a chance of missing that memory that will be shared for a lifetime?

Portraits with Real Camera

Family Photos

Everyone wants to look their best in family portraits, and a phone has a limited focal length. A REAL camera with the ability to change lenses gives you the power to blur out the background and compress faces for a more pleasing look. Smartphones can take nice family photos, but the background can often distract from your subject. A longer zoom lens on a real camera will make the background soft and draw attention to faces and expressions.

Nature with a Real Camera

Nature Photos

With a smartphone, you just can’t get up close to nature. The versatility of lens choice in a REAL camera will allow you to get closer to wildlife and nature scenes. Have you ever tried taking a picture of a bird in flight with your smartphone? What you’ll see is mostly sky! Even zoomed in, a smartphone can’t deliver peak action, and you always seem to miss the moment. A real camera with a zoom lens brings you up close and is able to capture the peak action every time.

Close Up with a Real Camera

Close-Up Photos

Sometimes the beautiful scenes you shoot from your phone can start to all look the same or you simply can’t see what the subject was supposed to be. For the ability to capture close-ups, use a REAL camera. A lens with macro/close-up capability will deliver stunning photos that will give your photography some variety. A real camera will allow you to have multiple photos from the same scene by capturing small subjects up close.

Sports with Real Camera

Sports Photos

Sports photos are among the most challenging to take. From the constant movement of the subject, to getting close to the action , it’s challenging for anyone using a smartphone to capture those memories in focus, and close enough to appreciate the moment. Real cameras give you the option to use a choice of sharp, long lenses that can capture the action across the field, pool or stadium! When your memories matter, why not bring along a camera that won’t let you down?

While smartphones take great pictures, when you only have a split second to capture a moment that will last a lifetime, make sure you trust a real camera.

A real camera can capture those moments that smartphones will miss.
Your memories matter… don’t phone it in.

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