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First App to Add Synchronized Ratings to Photos Library and iCloud

CUPERTINO, Calif., April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Gentleman Coders LLC, introduced RAW Power 3.0 for Mac and iOS, creating the first real option for serious photographers in the Apple ecosystem. RAW Power 3.0 is now the first and only third-party app to include full support for Apple Photos libraries on Mac and iOS, allowing photographers to rate and edit their images anywhere and any time. New features introduced today include flexible storage options, synchronized ratings and flagging for Photo libraries, support for on iOS, advanced auto enhance, LUT support and one-tap integration with the popular Halide camera app on iOS.  RAW Power 3.0, developed by Nik Bhatt, a former Apple engineer who led the iPhoto and Aperture teams, is available for download today on the Mac and iOS App Stores.

“RAW Power has gained a strong following among serious photographers for its unique control over Apple’s RAW engine, combined with its robust and easy-to-use editing tools,” said Bhatt. “Until now, people in search of more functionality had to commit to a proprietary library, a subscription-based model, or both. RAW Power 3.0 is a game-changer. RAW Power gives photographers flexible storage options, while also building essential features on top of Photos and iCloud. Photographers get must-have tools that integrate directly with the photo library they are already using.”

RAW Power 3.0 for Mac: a High-end Complement to Photos

RAW Power 3.0 works directly with the Photos library to add a slate of new and highly-requested features that change the way photographers can store, sort and view their photos. Photographers can store their files on the desktop or inside Apple Photos. With full photo library support, RAW Power adds the ability to browse albums and folders, create and change albums and folders, and rearrange album contents. All changes instantly apply to the system photo library and support iCloud Photos.

The new RAW Power adds ratings and flags to the Photos library to improve organization and allows easy filtering of any album by rating, flag, file type and adjustment status. Remarkably, ratings and flags sync through iCloud Photos to other Macs and iOS devices. Other improvements include a separate section for recently viewed items and tabs for viewing multiple albums at once.

A refreshed editing interface introduces a new visual design, and the ability to reorder and select default adjustments to customize and accelerate workflows. New adjustments include: Auto Enhance with Face Balancing, Auto White Balance, LUTs with film simulations, Levels, and a Channel Mixer. All editing enhancements are also incorporated into RAW Power Photos Extension.

RAW Power 3.0 runs on macOS Catalina and Mojave and is available for $39.99 or as a free upgrade for existing users of Raw Power for Mac 2.0.

RAW Power 3.0 for iOS:  Advanced Editing and Organization with Flexible Storage Options

The new RAW Power app for iOS introduces the much-requested ability to manage photos either in Photos or in Now, photographers can easily work on their collections of images in either or both environments and switch seamlessly between them. Users can import images from an SD card into RAW Power using the Files app. Additionally, the new Copy to RAW Power Share Extension makes it easy to import images from other apps into the Files storage for RAW Power.

Similar to the Mac version, ratings and flags have been added to the Photos library providing the same easy sorting and filtering; ratings and flags sync over iCloud Photos, providing a cloud-based rating workflow that is a first for photographers in the iCloud ecosystem. Furthermore, the iOS version adds swipe gestures for rating and flagging. Non-destructive editing, ratings, flags, and filtering are also supported with images from, though they do not sync.

Those familiar with RAW Power for iOS will notice a refreshed editing interface that is more configurable and saves space on small screens. New adjustment tools also speed up access to common editing features. As in the new Mac version, it is possible to reorder adjustments to align with your workflow. The new adjustments are: Auto Enhance with Face Balancing, LUTs with film simulations included, Auto White Balance, Levels with Auto Levels and Channel Mixer. RAW Power for iOS also adds one-tap integration with the popular Halide camera app, and in turn, Halide has added RAW Power to the quick-launch integration in its photo reviewer.

RAW Power for iOS 3.0 is available for $9.99 or as a free upgrade for current RAW Power for iOS customers. RAW Power for iOS 3.0 runs on iOS 12 and 13, but does not support iPhone 5s, 6 or 6 Plus, or iPad mini 3 or earlier.

About Gentlemen Coders
Gentlemen Coders develops and distributes software for professional and enthusiast photographers. Focusing exclusively on Apple platforms, the company offers unparalleled integration with Apple’s built-in services on macOS and iOS, maximizing customers’ investment in Apple devices and services. Gentlemen Coders’ products consistently deliver high-quality image processing, innovative workflows, intuitive organizational tools and high performance. Gentlemen Coders was founded by Nik Bhatt, former Senior Director of Engineering at Apple, and the former Chief Technical Officer of the Apple Photo Apps group. Mr. Bhatt holds more than 50 patents in a wide range of disciplines including image processing, audio processing, geotagging, wireless networking, and user interface design. For more information, visit

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