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New family of mobile photo accessories provide better quality pictures and videos to make social sharing look better than ever

NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — PoserSnap today announces the launch of a complete line of mobile phone accessories that will take your mobile picture quality to the next level. The PoserSnap family of products includes over 25 lenses and accessories that will help your posts attract more likes, more views, and more social media interactions than ever before. Whether you’re creating videos, vlogs, snaps, or selfies, PoserSnap will help you deliver professional quality photos without the need for filters or Photoshop.

A Better Way to Create

The camera phone is now at the forefront of the global camera industry. Ninety percent of people have only taken photos on a camera phone. Photo sharing is now the top source of engagement on most social media platforms with 70% of Facebook activity based on photo sharing. Instagram now boasts 500 million monthly active users and Snapchat sees 100 million unique users daily, with 65% sharing and adding photos for their mobile devices.

For anyone looking to monetize their creative work, increase their subscribers and followers, and produce better more engaging content, PoserSnap is a must have. “PoserSnap accessories allow you to create, capture and share the highest quality pictures on your mobile device,” says Suzanne Harper, President of PoserSnap. “Whatever message you want your photos and videos to deliver, our customizable accessories will help you convey it to your audience.”

PoserSnap instantly elevates the quality of selfies, videos, and pictures without the need for cumbersome equipment or aftereffect apps and photo manipulation tools. It’s the next step in the mobile photography revolution – truly professional quality portable lens that bring extraordinary life to your everyday pictures.

For All Your Mobile Photography Needs

PoserSnap features the only fully comprehensive line of mobile camera enhancing family of products, suitable for the casual and professional mobile phone user.

The PoserSnap family of products includes everything users need to enhance their mobile photography for better, clearer, more polished pictures:

  • Mobile Photo Clip Lenses
  • Rechargeable Mobile Photo and Video Lights
  • Full range of Tripods, Monopods and Selfie sticks
  • Mobile Microphone kits with interview accessories
  • Complete gift sets at a variety of price points
  • All available in water resistant travel cases

The PoserSnap Pro line includes a variety of professional lenses that allow users to take full advantage of the portability of camera phones while combining that will the full functionality of a professional camera.  The Pro line, available in October, features professional quality high class glass lenses including:

  • Ultra-Wide Angle + Macro
  • Fisheye + Macro
  • Optical Microscope
  • CPL Polarized Filer
  • Ultra-Wide Angle
  • 10X Telescopic

All PoserSnap accessories are compatible with Apple iOS and Android phones.


PoserSnap products are currently available on and at leading retailers such as Barnes& Nobles, Meijer and others. Find a complete list of ways to buy at

About PoserSnap

PoserSnap is an innovative mobile camera accessories company that features the most comprehensive range of products for all your mobile photography and videography needs. Combining high quality products with simple design and great value, PoserSnap gives you the power to customize how you share your photos with the world. For more information, visit

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