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By Dan Havlik, PDN’s Technology Specialist

As we reported yesterday in PDNPulse, photo retailer trade group, PMA, officially rebranded its annual trade show today as CliQ in a bid to attract photo enthusiasts.

The event, which will be held September 6-10 in Las Vegas, NV, has been retooled and will include feature presentations from several professional photographers including Jasmine Star, Scott Bourne, Tracey Clark and Stacy Pearsall.

While in the past the show mainly drew photo retailers from across the country and featured seminars on how to sell more photo gear, CliQ will include photography workshops, photos walks, and how-to talks on ways to become a better photographer.

According to PMA, the CliQ show will now feature “interactive zones, spotlighting technology, tips and techniques.” The zones will include a Shooting zone, a Mobile zone, a Software tutorial zone, an Innovation zone, a 3D zone, and a Video zone.

A PMA official told us the rebranded show is part of a general effort by PMA (Photo Marketing Association International) to retool the organization to attract a wider audience. How this refocusing will go over with PMA’s dues-paying membership, the vast majority of whom are photo retailers not photographers, remains to be seen.

We did learn that PMA’s board, which is comprised of retailers, fully endorsed the rebranding effort. Also, according to PMA’s attendance audit, photographers have been a fast growing segment of attendees at the PMA show in years past.

More details about CliQ in the press release below and at the Cliqworld website.

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