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LAS VEGAS, Dec. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Pivo, the Grand Prize winner of ‘Smart Device of 2018[2] showcases new features under development exclusively at CES 2019 (January 6th-11th, 2019). With only days left on Kickstarter, backers can still get an exclusive deal on the full Pivo Package. Make sure to join Pivo at CES 2019 booth #60526 and at CES Unveiled table #94 to see first hand what it means to get insanely creative and an amazing new feature in development.


For the team at Pivo, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, “Get Insanely Creative” isn’t a destination so much as it is a journey. It means constantly seeking the newest and most creative ways to create contents from a smartphone and then making it accessible for everyone. This means that Pivos 9+ quick creation modes, 30+ Multistream platforms and even the 2 tracking modes will not be the only answer to getting “insanely creative.”  This is why at CES 2019, Pivo will showcase what insane creativity will look like for the new year with it’s exhibition themed “Pivo Unveiled”.

Pivo Unveiled will introduce the development and integration of Pivo’s “Masked Singer” mode allowing Pivo to overlay Animoji’s and AR Emoji’s on the users face simultaneously with Pivos library of features. The “Masked Singer” mode will open doors for users to live stream contents while Pivo tracks their Animoji masked faces- all the while they sing, dance, and get insanely creative.

“CES is where the world’s newest and most innovative technologies gather to showcase their developments which is why we’ve waited to release these features exclusively only at CES 2019,” said CEO and Founder of Pivo, Ken Kim, adding that:With CES 2019 overlapping with the end of our Kickstarter Campaign, we will deliver incredible value at an exclusive price point.”

The final stretch of the Kickstarter campaign is the last opportunity for the best deals on everything Pivo and with “Pivo Unveiled”, the deal just got much sweeter. After this week, Pivo will launch on Indiegogo, ending the exclusive deals on Kickstarter.

In 2019, creativity and content creation doesn’t mean just one thing. It fact, the scope of that it means to be a content creator today vary widely from fashion vloggers to grumpy cats. That is why Pivo is all about letting just about anyone be free from technological restrictions when it comes to smartphone content creation. It’s about flexibility and bringing to life your creative vision.

Until January 10th, creators can still get a Pivo only on Kickstarter with the best possible deal. Get yours now.

¹ Features are under development and is subject to change for final release

² Awarded by the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT

About Pivo

Pivo is an interactive smart pod with an open source SDK for app development. They are an international team that likes to do things differently. There’s no corporate nonsense, and no old-fashioned hierarchy. They are a company born out of the need to create, and work to unlock the full creative potential for all smartphone photography and videography.

About K-ICT Born2Global Centre

K-ICT Born2Global Centre is a full-cycle service platform for global expansion. Since inception in 2013, Born2Global has been setting the standard for successful startup ecosystem as the main Korean government agency under the Ministry of Science and ICT. Born2Global has expanded and transformed startups to be engaged, equipped and be connected with the global market.

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