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The event featured two extraordinary speakers: Ami Vitale, a celebrated National Geographic photographer and Nikon Ambassador, as well as Céline Cousteau, an explorer, filmmaker, philanthropic entrepreneur and granddaughter of the legendary Jacques Yves Cousteau.

They discussed the company’s socially responsible spirit based on a unique mission to create a powerful international community of Hosts and Travelers. A community that, as ambassadors and citizens of the world, help to promote Pied à Terre’s charge to create a better world through tolerance, art, humanity and ecological and cross-cultural values.

The first award ceremony for “The World We Live In,” an international photography contest, sponsored by Pied à Terre, was presented by Vitale. The coveted first place prize went to Fabiola Cano of Costa Rica. Her haunting photograph of a refugee camp in Greece, captured the solitude and sorrow of people forced to flee the horrors of the Syrian war.

To conclude the event, President and chairman of the Board, Francisco de Paula León, personally thanked the ceremony’s international participants and discussed the company’s positive projection for the next 12 months and his goal to reach 21 countries. He made special note of Pied à Terre’s pledge to invest a percentage of all future profits to promote ecological and cultural initiatives around the world. A promise that aligns with the spirit of the company.

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Pied à Terre is an international community within a reservations platform focused on highlighting culture, art, local gastronomy, diversity and environmental care while generating travel experiences around the world. Our main goal is to build a unique relationship between hosts and travelers that enriches both of them and goes beyond just a lodging experience.

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