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We are thrilled to have shipped the first version of Photoshop on the iPad at Adobe MAX earlier this month. On behalf of the Photoshop team at Adobe, I want to thank all the customers who’ve downloaded the app and already started to create so many amazing images. In this short time, we’ve seen truly inventive ways many of you are experimenting with the app to integrate Photoshop on the iPad into your work.

Where we are today

We’ve built Photoshop on the iPad with a new user experience completely redesigned for the tablet and the era of touch and mobility. At 1.0, we started with Photoshop’s top workflows, compositing, masking and retouching because these are core to almost any Photoshop-based project. 

We also built Photoshop on the iPad so you can open and edit your PSDs any time, anywhere and see and edit your layered documents. The app supports very large PSDs and thousands of layers, just like Photoshop on the desktop. In addition, your PSDs are automatically saved to all the devices where you have Photoshop through our new cloud documents functionality. Our goal is to give you a seamless experience, so you can create anywhere you have Photoshop, on the desktop or on the iPad.

What’s next

With the introduction of Photoshop on the iPad, we started to scratch the surface of what’s possible and began our journey to build the best mobile application for all of you. Your experience, your feedback and your point of view has always been a critical part of our process, and we take that very seriously as we chart a path forward with the iPad.

That’s why today, we’re excited to share how we think about the future, and give you a glimpse into what’s to come and how your input is reflected in our planning process.

We’ve heard a lot of questions about fonts on the iPad. Here’s something we’ve already shipped that you might not even be aware of:

Access all Adobe Fonts on iOS

You can already create with Adobe Fonts in Photoshop on the iPad. Using the free Adobe Creative Cloud app you can browse and install 1,300 fonts, and all 17,000 fonts that are included with your Creative Cloud plan. Any font you install on your iPad via the Adobe Creative Cloud app is also available for use in Photoshop. Download the app here.

Learn more.

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