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YARMOUTH PORT, Mass., May 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Cape Cod-based portrait photographer Rebecca Brown (George) has been making coastal portraits and capturing families with her photography work for over a decade, but the ALS diagnosis of her husband put her on a mission to document the patient and family experience of those living with the chronic and fatal condition

Diagnosed with ALS in 2014 at age 43, Brown’s husband, Thomas Andrew George, ultimately lost his battle with the disease in early 2016, after only 14 months. Since then, she has devoted herself to documenting the soulful connection found within the familial strength, hope, love, and resilience that ultimately endures through such a life-changing diagnosis.

This May, ALS Awareness Month, Rebecca is launching the ALS PORTRAIT project to raise funds and awareness.

“ALS is not a debilitating disease for just the patient, it profoundly affects everyone surrounding them,” says Brown. “My late husband Tom lived his life to the fullest, right up until his final hours. The loving support of family and friends absolutely enabled him to do so. We were all deeply inspired by his bravery and endurance through this horrific diagnosis and facing the challenges of life with ALS. This disease truly cuts away the frivolity of life and lays bare the essential of what is of the utmost importance.”

Despite advances made in awareness, fundraising, and research in the past five years, the neurodegenerative disease remains both chronic and fatal. Each ALS patient is surrounded by others, and all have a life which is irrevocably changed.

Brown’s portrait project features B&W fine art photographic documents of patients and families across the country, depicting those living with and touched by the disease. “My deep hope is that this photographic project illuminates and elevates heroic patients and caregivers and emphasises the very real human experience of families living with ALS.”

Rebecca Brown has self-funded this groundbreaking photographic project, done in collaboration with the non-profit organization, Compassionate Care ALS (CCALS).

Rebecca will continue to photograph families affected by ALS past or present wishing to join this unique ongoing project. As well, her intent is to create through these portraits a historical document of individuals who have made significant contributions in research and awareness for ALS.

About the ALS PORTRAIT project
To learn more about the “ALS PORTRAIT” project, please contact Rebecca Brown PHOTOGRAPHER or visit

About Rebecca Brown PHOTOGRAPHER
Rebecca Brown (George) is a successful bi-coastal portrait photographer, photographing families on the beaches of Cape Cod and California.

In 2014, her husband Tom was diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS, which changed the trajectory of her life. She has been compelled toward her work with the ALS PORTRAIT project to not only do something to help the greater cause toward awareness, but also inspired by the charitable spirit of her late husband, who always went out of his way to help others.

Compassionate Care ALS (CCALS) was started in 1998 by founder, Ron Hoffman. CCALS provides services to all people impacted by ALS. CCALS is committed to their unique model of equipping patients to face end-of-life issues with dignity and peace.

To find out more, please visit

Contact: Rebecca Brown George

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