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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Rachael Jerahian ( has been traveling the world for much of her adult life, often moving from coast to coast in the U.S. and abroad for business. But in what became a journey of self-discovery as well as a testament to the human spirit, Rachael recently launched history’s first all-inclusive world travel expedition. Rachael will complete the American leg of her tour by March 2019.

Finishing in Hawaii next year, Rachael has been working closely with various state tourism boards as she moves throughout the U.S. in a bid to help those states educate the public about the sites and destinations they have to offer visitors. She has already worked with multiple locations in Washington including The Long Beach Peninsula, Whidbye Island and Bellingham, as well as the board in Ketchum, Idaho.

After her tour of the U.S., Rachael’s next step will be to travel to all countries of the world, as well as ski both the north and south pole before scaling all seven major summits of the Earth. Rachael’s main goal is the education of herself and others about her country and the world in which she lives. Visiting everything from National Parks to historic monuments, Rachael wanted to completely immerse herself in both culture and nature.

In a world full of both good and evil elements, Rachael desires to showcase the positive aspects of the various cultures and societies that populate this diverse planet. This information will better position her to give back to a world that has bestowed so much upon her, despite the terrible tragedies she experienced at such a young age.

Rachael’s Motto: A Blueprint for Living

Overcoming tragedy is something everyone faces: perhaps life is balanced in such a way that great highs can only be experienced after horrific lows. But it is how one handles both situations that ultimately defines one’s character. As an Armenian and a Syrian who was raised Jewish, Rachael tragically lost both of her parents to cancer by the age of 30. Her story now is a tale of perseverance and love in the face of devastating grief.

Rachael wants most to illustrate that anyone, from any background, can travel. And that travel is truly the only way to understand the world. Travel can be more than a selfish indulgence; but rather, it is a tool for education, grounding a person in the reality of the diversity of their surroundings. People should not fear traveling to places on their own, regardless of sex, class or financial status. Through travel, Rachael has found herself better informed with political, gender and social justice issues that affect the world.

Rachael gladly welcomes those who are interested to follow her on her journey. She is also available for:

  • Collaborations and partnerships.
  • Sponsorship opportunities and social media promotion.
  • Marketing and media trips.
  • Photography and video, product and apparel reviews.
  • Speaking engagements and news stories.
  • Public relations, events, blogging, articles and mentorships.

For any of these collaborations, please contact Rachael Jerahian at or visit

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About Rachael Jerahian

Rachael Jerahian is a modern-day explorer, adventurer, photographer and traveler. When not traversing the world in search of adventure and excitement, Rachael holds down the fort between her two homes in Los Angeles and New York. She works as a prominent TV producer for multiple networks, including CNN, Food Network, Travel, Discovery, Viceland, PBS, Spike and A&E.

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