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LONDON, May 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Technology and digital media news magazine TechTrends said on May 1 2019, it is looking for smart, hard-working contributors who are interested in exploring topics related to artificial intelligence, the mobile internet, and the digital home to write 900 word news stories and features for publication on its website.

TechTrends will officially launch around the world on May 1 2019, focusing on emerging trends in AI-based consumer electronics, digital media, and the gaming industry.

The magazine’s stated mission is to explore these interactive technology trends, and to provide audiences around the world with insightful information regarding current markets and the opportunities that exist in other markets.

Earlier this year, TechTrends hired UK media editor Naomi Smith, an experienced journalist and photographer with experience as a beat reporter covering aviation and pharmaceuticals law, regulation, and politics.

She received her master’s degree in investigative journalism from Birkbeck College, University of London, and has contributed to a number of other digital publication on a variety of topics, including politics, gaming culture, and film.

TechTrends’ research activities will investigate critical market issues, such as competition, new technology applications, and consumer demand for a broad range of products and services.

Among other topics, it will focus on blockchain-based industry, video-on-demand, e-commerce, mobile advertising, broadband multimedia application, interactive gaming, digital set-top boxes, smart phones, handheld PCs, personalized information services, networking, and smart appliances.

“TechTrends is a great opportunity to grow a brand from scratch, and do some interesting deep dives on hot button topics and issues that are increasingly relevant in society, media, and business right now,” UK media editor Naomi Smith said. “I look forward to working with our fantastic new contributors to make TechTrends a useful and relevant source of information worldwide.”

TechTrends is a UK-based technology and digital media magazine founded by digital agency InterAd, Inc. It was officially launched in May 2019, and publishes news and market research focused on AI-based consumer electronics, digital media, and the gaming industry.

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