Benro X-Series Camera Gimbals

The new lineup of X Series gimbals offers an option for every level of a filmmaker. From the 3XM for the filmmaker who is trying to pack light – to the 3XD Pro for users who want​ a lightweight rig for stabilizing their small cinema camera – we have it.

Benro, a world leader in-camera stabilization, is building on its legacy of quality products and reliability by taking another step forward with the new X Series gimbals.

The Benro X Series introduces three new gimbals for cameras ranging from lighter, mirrorless cameras, to heavier cameras such as DSLRs and smaller cinema cameras.

These gimbals are unlike other camera stabilizers, as they allow for the gimbals to be folded and stored within the included compact storage cases or in small spaces such as bags or camera cases. The innovative foldable handle designs across the range also allow for the three gimbals to remain in their balanced configuration. This will save time at an early shoot where you need to set up quickly or when you are capturing at a fast-moving pace.

Benro X Series 3XM
The lightest and most compact of the three gimbals, the Benro 3XM, is designed with the compact or mirrorless user in mind. Supporting up to 3.9 lbs, the 3XM weighs only 1.9lbs – less than half the weight of similar sized gimbals currently on the market. Even with its small size – the 3XM endures for over 12 hours on a single charge of the batteries. The batteries are also interchangeable in the event that you are traveling and may not have convenient access to power.

The handle of the 3XM is also unique. It can be rotated 90 degrees in order to gain a more favorable and comfortable grip in underslung mode, as well as fold to approximately half the height for easy storage.

The 3XM is the ideal lightweight gimbal for mirrorless users.

Benro X Series 3XD
The 3XD, Benro’s gimbal capable of easily carrying DSLRs, brings an increase in carrying capacity of up to 8.3 lbs. This encompasses even some of the most demanding setups, such as the heavy and bulky Canon 1DX Mark ii with a 24-70mm lens, or the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K with a cage and zoom lens.

While featuring the 90 degree adjustable handle that the 3XM has, the 3XD also brings a 45 degree offset to the roll motor allowing for the gimbal operator to easily see the camera’s rear LCD screen. This enables clearer composition capabilities and is an advantage over the traditional roll motor location.

The 3XD is perfect for most DSLR filmmakers that want to step up their production value with stable footage.

Benro X Series 3XD Pro
The Benro 3XD Pro is capable of carrying most cameras and brings a new take on the traditional dual-handle gimbal. The 3XD Pro features a dual handle design that allows for nearly unlimited configurations. The configurations can vary from the standard T-shaped dual-handle carrying mode and can be placed into handlebar configuration, or even held underslung. There is also an included tripod for balancing that can be rotated 90 degrees to become a comfortable handle for underslung mode. This newly designed tripod removes the need to carry around a balancing stand that all other dual handle gimbals require. Now you can set your dual handled gimbal down anywhere.

Also, while being tested and designed – in-arm cabling was added for both monitors and audio. A 3.5mm output near the gimbal head allows for audio to be transmitted from an optional microphone that can be mounted on the cross bar. You can plug the microphone into the 3.5mm input on the handle. The monitor cabling works in a similar way – with mini HDMI ports located on both the cross bar and on the gimbal head. Mics and monitors can be mounted on one of the many ¼-20 or 3/8-16 mounting points.

The gimbal can also connect and control shooting settings on select cameras. With all of these features, the professional filmmaker can truly feel comfortable using the 3XD Pro on their next shoot.

Benro X Series
For all of the new Benro X Series gimbals, the companion smartphone app allows for access to intelligent features, such as creating a panorama, beautiful time-lapses with dynamic motion, and start/stop functions on the camera. You can also access fine-tuning and calibration of the gimbals, adjust parameters, and update your firmware.

The Benro 3XM, 3XD, and 3XD Pro gimbals cover the stabilization needs of most cameras on the market today. Boost your production value while traveling light and compact with the new Benro X Series collection.

“The new lineup of X Series gimbals offers an option for every level of filmmaker. From the 3XM for the filmmaker who is trying to pack light – to the 3XD Pro for user who wants a lightweight rig for stabilizing their small cinema camera – we have it.” – Michael Bogue, Brand Manager, Mac Group US

Price and Availability

Benro X Series Camera Gimbals retail prices are $399 USD for the 3XM, and $499 for the 3XD, and $699 for the 3XD Pro. The gimbals will start shipping immediately and will be available from authorized dealers. For more information on the features and capabilities of the Benro X Series gimbals, please visit:

For more information, please contact Michael Bogue:

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