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New app re-imagines family time capsules to stay in touch with family in the future

CHICAGO, April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CircleIt, a new technology and marketplace, today announced the launch of its new app for iOS and Android mobile devices. CircleIt is a unique service to curate memorable moments through future giving that carry on through multiple generations. CircleIt is re-imaging the time capsule, updating it with futuristic tools and modern AI to connect families.

CircleIt is a Generational Platform: a first-of-its-kind digital space for all of the people in a family born across multiple decades but living at the same time to connect with one another for the purpose of making memories by celebrating life milestones and important events. The app is a private and secure place that facilitates pre-scheduled distribution of messages, videos, images, gifts, flowers, and other personally selected items or experiences to loved ones on behalf of users.

Studies show that family history is forgotten within two generations, and CircleIt aims to preserve those legacies long term. “My father left a box of treasured memories, stories, wisdom, and off-the-record tales for his future generations. I thought there had to be an easier way to carry on someone’s legacy. I am building CircleIt in his honor,” said Art Shaikh, Founder of CircleIt and Director of Digital Transformation for Salesforce. “There is a gap of knowledge in generations that technology has not answered yet. There is something special about leaving something for the next generation to find, like a time capsule, but digital and intuitive for the modern technology user.”

Features on the CircleIt app include:

  • Personal memory management archive where you can gather, create, save, and share the moments that are special to you, to be shared with loved ones.
  • Pre-scheduled distribution of cards and messages so you can send congratulations on future graduations, love letters for future anniversaries, family recipes, archival photos and gifts for birthdays, weddings, and more.
  • Reminders and delivery of information to a specific person at a specific time in the future
  • Voice and audio archives to send and preserve voice notes and messages of loved ones for future generations
  • No cost to download, create an account, and use the platform.
  • Data privacy and security is a core commitment of CircleIt. Unlike most apps, CircleIt is designed to not require the sale of user data to support its growth.

CircleIt’s mission to create an way  to have an enduring presence for future loved ones will include future unique offerings. CircleIt is not social media or simply a time-hop service, it is defining a new category of apps focused on the future of what smart devices and AI can do. Near-future iterations will include gifting through in-app purchases, where CircleIt vendors bring your future memories to life by supplying physical gifts like flowers so you can be there, even when you’re not..

CircleIt is available now. Visit:

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