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The Trioplan 35mm f2.8 on Track to Be Company’s Most Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Meyer-Optik’s groundbreaking new lens, the Trioplan 35+, will not only be the first lens that brings “soap bubble bokeh” to a wide angle but it will also be the first lens the German company makes that will be available in five different colors.

Besides the traditional black, the Trioplan 35mm f2.8 lens, which launched on Kickstarter on March 9, is available in red, green, blue and Titanium — but only in limited numbers as a special reward option on Kickstarter.

“Photography is more than black and white and so these new lenses are more than that, too,” said Dr. Stefan Immes, CEO of Meyer-Optik-Goerlitz. “The new colors are strictly limited in quantity and, therefore, a real collector’s item.”

The Trioplan 35+ raised more than $420,000 during its first week on Kickstarter. In fact, it took only six minutes after launch for Meyer-Optik to reach its initial funding goal of $50,000.

When Meyer-Optik hit its stretch goal of $400,000, it meant that each backer who pledged enough to receive a Trioplan 35+ would receive a special metal cap for their new lens as a stretch reward.

This is Meyer-Optik’s third Kickstarter and is on pace to be its most successful campaign, yet. The previous Kickstarters raised $1.8 million to help it create the Trioplan 100mm, Trioplan 50mm and Primoplan 58mm.

The Trioplan 35+, the third and final lens of the Trioplan Trilogy, is perfect for street and documentary photographers to help tell their stories. It is a groundbreaking lens because, previously, it was thought too difficult to achieve the soap bubble effect in a wide angle lens.

The Trioplan 35+ lens will be available with mounts for

* Canon EF

* Nikon F

* Sony E

* FujiX

* Micro Four Thirds

* M42

* Penax-K

* Leica M (rangefinder not supported/focusing via live view)

* Leica L, suitable for SL & T mirrorless cameras (strictly manual, rangefinder not supported/focusing via live vew)

To see product and sample images from the Trioplan 35+ prototype, go to

To see the Kickstarter,

About Meyer-Optik Görlitz

A brand with a proud tradition and reputation for exceptional products, Meyer-Optik-Görlitz started manufacturing innovative, high-quality lenses in Germany in 1896.  In 2014, net SE revived the traditional spirit of the lenses once known throughout the world and started developing new lenses under the Meyer-Optik-Görlitz brand in Germany. Manufacturing handmade lenses started in 2015 with first generation prototypes.  Serial production began in early 2016.

In May 2015, net SE created a new subsidiary, Meyer-Optik USA Inc. headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Meyer-Optik USA is online at and on Facebook and Twitter.

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