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Consumer AR App Trends

Consumer AR App TrendsConsumer AR App Trends

Remember when “reading” only meant reading in print? We all still do this at times and speaking personally, we often enjoy—as many people do—taking a break from staring at my screen. But in many cases, reading a digital version of an article, along with embedded links to additional materials, other perspectives, live commenting chats, extra photos, or instructional videos that clarify the main points, can be much more informative, easier to absorb, and more enjoyable. For digital natives, reading articles on screen is the default.

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Mobile Photo Connect 2016-Highlights by Suite48Analytics

Mobile Photo Connect 2016 – Highlights

With a range of visual storytelling innovations coming to market, all the way from AI-powered multi-media slideshows to VR, we should remember: we are not in the photo business, we are in the rich-media expression business.

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Eight Great Imaging Apps - by Suite48Analytics

Eight Great Imaging Apps

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Selecting eight innovative imaging apps from the 100,000+ that are currently offered in the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores is a daunting task.

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Overtime Rules: What you need to know (White Paper)

virtual-reality Overtime Rules: What you need to know (White Paper)

In March 2014, President Obama signed a memorandum directing the Department of Labor to modernize our nation’s overtime rules, which have been comprehensively updated only once since the 1970s.



VR and 360° imaging are all the rage these days, with one announcement from a camera, viewing or sharing vendor following another. Predictions vary widely as to how much and how fast the VR market will grow. This is no surprise, as the current VR market (call it VR 2.01) is still in its infancy.

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