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By Hans Hartman
There’s no end in sight as to how machine learning could be applied to visual content. Yes, image recognition can trigger powerful and easy ways for users to manage their photo or video collections – but there are also many other innovative ways in which imaging machine learning could be applied.
In our Making Imaging Machine Learning Super Smart panel at Visual 1st we’ll get a sense of what’s feasible in three distinctly different application areas: photo enhancement, video creation, and marketing.
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Visual 1st 2020: Oct. 14-15
Founder & CEO
CEO & Co-founder
Viesus provides fast on-the-fly image correction solutions for large numbers of photos, while optimizing the enhancements based on its AI image content analysis.
CreativeX applies image recognition analytics to help marketers understand which visual properties resonate with consumers and, more importantly, why.
Synthesia provides sophisticated solutions for creating AI videos by simply typing in text. This way, enterprises and SMBs can generate engaging video content at scale without the need for actors, film crews and studios.
And what’s next?
How can we multiply our machine learning insights with a third dimension, i.e. when the next generation of depth sensors make their way into smartphones? We’ll hear all about it in our Enabling 3D Sensing fireside chat session with André Wong, VP, Product Line Management, 3D-sensing at Lumentum, a world leader in providing diode lasers for 3D sensing applications.
Join us at Visual 1st, Oct. 14-15!
VP, Product Line Management,
And a few more things…
Snappr. Raising $. Gig photo services provider, Snappr raises $10M in a Series A round to build out its visual content marketplace (previously, it raised $3M in angel and seed money). The new funding will be used in three ways: building out offerings for large businesses and enterprises; introducing new features, such as 360, virtual tours and videography; and expanding into new markets. We covered Snappr in our Building the Gig Photo Economy report.
Google Pixel 5. Going wide. The Pixel 4 was somewhat of an anomaly by having a telephoto rather than an ultrawide lens on the back. Yesterday’s announced Pixel 5 is back in line: besides the standard 12-megapixel sensor that Google has used for its last few phones, this time it’s paired with a 16-megapixel sensor for the wide-angle shooter.
Canon. Going long. Canon officially entered the Guinness Book of World Records this past weekend by setting the record for the world’s longest digital photo print: a massive 309-foot (109 meter) long collage that was printed at the top of a ski jump.
Google Photos. Suggesting edits. Google Photos’ updated Android app now has a “Suggestions” tab in the photo editing menu, which will offer recommendations for edits for the specific photo you’re currently looking at, automatically adjusting things like “brightness, contrast, and portrait effects.” The broad edits are also just a starting point — Google Photos will also show you what edits it made, and let you tweak them further.
Amazon. Keeping an eye on you. In a different time, this seems like a real helpful camera-equipped smart display device that you’d like to have in your kitchen. Amazon’s new Echo Show 10 is perched on a motorized base that swivels around automatically whenever you interact with the device. By using a blend of computer vision technology and echolocation (pun not intended), the Echo Show 10 can determine where you are in a room and swivel itself around to face you so you can always get a good view of the screen. As Facebook Portal’s lackluster sales indicate, not everyone likes to invite Big Tech’s ears and eyes into their home – especially when they’re following you.
Amazon Ring. Keeping an eye on your home intruders. Ring’s latest security camera, the new Always Home Cam is an autonomous drone that can fly around inside your home to give you a perspective of any room when you’re not at home. The drone can be commanded to fly on demand or programmed to fly automatically when a disturbance is detected by a linked Ring Alarm system. Here too, who is ready to trust Big Tech with an autonomous drone flying in their house?
Profoto. Speedlight flash for smartphone. Profoto’s new A10 speedlight flash supports the company’s previously announced AirX technology, i.e. you can now also use your smartphone with a speedlight flash in addition to Profoto’s monolight flashes. Will present at Visual 1st.
On1. AI photo enhancement. On1 launches ON1 Portrait AI, which is available as a standalone application and as a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom and a range of other software. ON1 Portrait AI uses machine learning to locate and evaluate each face in portrait photos to retouch and process them without the need for manual adjustments. Will present at Visual 1st.
Vivid-Pix. AI Restoration. Vivid-Pix launches the latest version of its AI-powered RESTORE software, aimed at automatically restoring faded old black and white, sepia, and color photos and documents. The new version improves a wider variety of image formats; metadata tagging for research, transcription, and sharing of family stories; and Crop/Recalculate to hone in on specific areas that need fixing. Will present at Visual 1st.
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