The Portable Lighting Kit for Remote Workers

With the uncertain times ahead, we’ve decided to help make this improved Video Conference experience more accessible for the masses.

Lume Cube, the company behind the popular lighting kits sold in Best Buy and Apple Stores, announced today a new initiative to help support companies transitioning to Remote Working during these unique times. Their popular Video Conference Kit is currently used by Remote Workers across the world to help them look their best when on conference calls via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or Webinars. Remote Working can present some unique challenges, and video calls are by far the best way to maintain connection with your team. The right hardware can go a long way in improving this experience, so Lume Cube has lowered the price of their Video Conference Lighting Kit to allow those in need the opportunity to achieve a better Remote Working experience.

“Due to recent global events, we’ve seen many companies transition employees from In-Office to Remote/Off-Site status. This change has some unique challenges & may be unfamiliar territory for many employers & employees, so we wanted to do our best to support them in this transition,” said Riley Stricklin, Co-Founder & President at Lume Cube. “One of our specialty products, the Lume Cube AIR VC, is a lighting kit designed specifically to enhance the experience of teams working remotely. With the uncertain times ahead, we’ve decided to help make this improved Video Conference experience more accessible for the masses. Until further notice, we are dropping the price of the Lume Cube AIRVC Kit from $79.95 to $49.95 in an effort to support those who may benefit from a better Video Conference experience. No discount code necessary, just a lower price.”

From remote employees on a conference call, to live streaming gaming and social media influencers, the Lume Cube AIR VC provides a portable lighting solution for all forms of video communication, both professional and personal. This product combination allows users to communicate better visually and look good while doing it. The Lume Cube AIR represents the optimal combination of size, power, durability, and light-quality, while the suction cup mount is easily and safely mountable to any smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer and more. Overall, it’s the all-in-one lighting solution video communicators & remote workers have been waiting for.

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Founded in 2014 with headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif., Lume Cube manufactures the world’s most versatile lights for Content Creators and Live Streamers offering multiple lighting options and accessories for photography, videography, live streaming/video conferencing, drones, and smartphones.