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Whether you’re a budding photographer using an interchangeable lens camera for the first time, or an enthusiast who knows the ins and outs of a camera, there are many simple tricks and cheap gear one can incorporate into their workflow, regardless of experience level or where you shoot. They can help you capture a better image, get through a long day of shooting with suffering back pain, or accidentally turn on a function without knowing.

To get some effective pointers, we went straight to professional working photographers.

To get some effective pointers, we went straight to the folks who use them day-in and day-out: professional working photographers. Most pros like to assemble a field kit that includes some basic supplies and accessories that they always bring with them on location. Sometimes that includes little gadgets to help them capture those special moments.

We spoke with three pros – Caio Guatelli, Adrian Henson, and Scott Mead – to share their tried-and-true tips and inexpensive gear they’ve used from years of shooting. Depending on what you like to shoot, not all of these suggestions may apply to you, but incorporating them could help simplify your photography workflow, so you can pay attention to framing your shots.

Don’t let your camera’s screen confuse you

Checking the shot’s result on your camera’s LCD is an impulsive reaction, but this behavior can betray you, says Caio Guatelli. The Brazilian-born photographer specializes in shooting high-speed sports such as Formula One racing and the Track and Field. “Most outdoor photography is shot in lighting conditions where the camera’s screen doesn’t faithfully represent the tonal details, especially in the image’s shadows. Reflections on the camera’s screen or the surrounding lights or darkness can create the sensation of incorrect exposure. The photographer is betrayed by the misrepresentation of the shot and instantly adjusts the controls to make the scene lighter, exposing the image more than necessary.”
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