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COVID-19 Response
Updated 03/24/20

Here at Leica, our philosophy can be summarized in two words: Das Wesentliche – a focus on the essentials. As we navigate through these challenging times which impact how we see and interact with our world, we are reminded of the true meaning of our ethos, a focus on what is truly essential – the health and well-being of our community. As such, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close our stores and galleries across the country to do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Our Customer Care Service Center and our Corporate Office are also closed at this time. During this closure we will continue to monitor and respond to your email and voicemail messages.

To ensure you have access to the products you crave, our online store is now open for business. Visit

Our Leica Akademie workshops, Leica Gallery openings and Leica Store events scheduled through May 5, 2020 are postponed. We are reassessing dates as needed based on the most current information and will keep you informed of updates via our social media channels and our website.

While we shift our adventures to the landscape of our imagination, we at Leica remain at your service to answer questions, exchange visual stories, and provide you with inspiration to support your passion for photography.

Even from a distance, we are connected:
• Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
• Customer Care Specialists:
• Tech Advisors:
• Online Store:
• Our Leica Blog is updated weekly with stories designed to inspire your creativity

Programs & Events Postponed through 5/5/2020

  • 3/13-3/14 The Art of the Physique: Per Bernal | Los Angeles
  • 3/14 Leica CL Owners Workshop | Vegas
  • 3/14 Leica Pro Discovery Day | Boston
  • 3/15 Leica CL Owners Workshop | Washington D.C.
  • 3/15 Elevate Your Business: The Value of Social Media Marketing & Photography | Los Angeles
  • 3/21 Leica CL Owners Workshop | Las Vegas
  • 3/21 Leica Pro Discovery Day – Cherry Blossom Photo Walk | Washington D.C.
  • 3/22 Ashly Stohl Talk & Book Signing
  • 3/25-3/29 Street Photography In-Depth: Dotan Saguy | Los Angeles
  • 3/27-4/5 On Assignment: Cuba
  • 3/28 Leica D-Lux Owners Workshop | Boston
  • 4/4 Leica M10 Owners Workshop | Bellevue
  • 4/11 Leica Pro Discovery Day | New York City
  • 4/17 “Street” by Phil Penman Opening Reception | Bellevue
  • 4/16  Jon Ball & Dave Wittig’s Opening Reception | Los Angeles
  • 4/17-4/19 Inside the Artistic Process: Mark Mann | Los Angeles
  • 4/17-4/19 Photographing with Intention: Lynn Johnson & Elizabeth Krist | Boston
  • 4/18-4/19 In the Street Workshop: Phil Penman | Bellevue
  • 4/19 Leica M10 Owners Workshop | Washington D.C.
  • 4/25 Leica Pro Discovery Day | Washington D.C.
  • 4/25 Leica Q Owners Workshop | Los Angeles
  • 4/25 Leica Q Owners Workshop | Bellevue
  • 4/25 Leica Q Owners Workshop | Las Vegas
  • 4/26 Leica M10 Owners Workshop | Los Angeles
  • 4/30 “Still the Body” Exhibition by Jennifer McClure | Boston
  • 5/1-5/3 Diving the Personal: Jennifer McClure | Boston
  • 5/2 Leica CL Owners Workshop | Bellevue
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