Offering our board members opportunities to collaborate and foster new ideas to support the future of the imaging industry.

  • Adam Mirabella President

    Adam Mirabella is the President of Manfrotto Distribution in the United States, Canada and South America. He has a long background in building and leading teams in digital and physical distribution, dealing with partners like Adorama, Amazon, Apple, B&H, Best Buy, and Specialty retail. Adam has focused his team to deliver the “Right Manfrotto Experience, With The Right Partner, At The Right Time!”. This leads to winning partnerships that move the business forward. Adam serves as the President of The Imaging Alliance.



  • Jerry Grossman Executive Director

    Jerry Grossman has been in the marketing/advertising arena for over 30 years, and involved in the imaging industry since 1988. He began in the advertising business, working at DMB&B, Ammirati & Puris and Scali, McCabe Sloves, on a variety of packaged goods and consumer electronics accounts, including the Nikon account.

    Jerry joined Nikon as director of advertising in 1993 and held successive marketing positions at Nikon, including Vice President of Internet Development, where he launched Nikon’s original websites, Nikonusa.com and NikonNet, among the first photo sharing sites on the web. Following this, he was named Vice President of Marketing for all consumer products, where he was responsible for bringing Nikon from the analog to the digital world. An avid photo enthusiast, Jerry acquired Photo Industry Reporter…

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