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Hans Hartman

Pro Photographers and their Cameras

Join our inaugural webinar and hear from the pros!
How do pro photographers use their standalone or smartphone cameras today, what do they really need, and how does this all translate to the average consumer?
Learn, share your thoughts, and network with fellow photo ecosystem vendors during our inaugural webinar, July 28, 5:00 PM Pacific Time!
While traditional standalone cameras are steadily improving, smartphone cameras are innovating at a relentless pace. But have they caught up enough for pro photographers to consider giving up using their standalone cameras? Do the pros actually use smartphones for their professional work? If so, how do they use them? If not, what makes them use their standalone cameras instead?
And how will a smartphone camera that more fully addresses the professional photographer’s requirements impact how consumers decide why and when to upgrade their smartphone with a next-generation model?
We’ll dive into these questions in a 1.5-hour live webinar, featuring two award-winning professional photographers who use standalone as well as smartphone cameras. In addition, Hans will announce the main findings from our brand-new Pro Photographers Camera Use survey.
Visual 1st Mini webinar
What: 1.5 hour video webinar – presentations, discussions, networking
July 28, 5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Can’t attend at this time? Let us know.
Ticket costs: $49. Inaugural discount price for Visual 1st Perspectives community: $19. Use dreg45k as discount code when registering.
Visual 1st main conference –
Oct. 14-15
Andrea is an award-winning international fashion and beauty photographer.
For the past 30 plus years, Belluso has worked as a photographer and video producer, capturing iconic fashion names such as Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell.
Andrea’s clients include:
Condé Nast – Cadillac – Nestlé – Electrolux – Bonnier Tidskrifter – Egmont Publishing – Rodeo – Sandryds – Oriflame – Italia 1 – Canale 5 – Kanal 5 – Scorett – Abecita – Sandryds – Salming Underwear – Guy Laroche – Elle Japan – Elle UK – Esprit – Illamasqua
Austin’s life mission is to explore and illuminate the beauty of creation and to challenge, inspire and enable others to do the same.
His work has been widely published in both corporate and non-profit worlds, from Apple, Nike, National Geographic and the Travel Channel, to Samaritan’s Purse and the Global Poverty Project.
Today he spends much of his time studying the nature of light and meticulously planning the perfect time of day, month and year to capture unique images around the globe.
Hans is president of Suite 48 Analytics and chair of Visual 1st. He also serves on the Board of The Imaging Alliance.
Prior to founding Suite 48 Analytics, Hans was sr. director of market research at multimedia software company, Nero, and director of product strategy at desktop publishing software company, Quark.
Hans co-founded Piczo, a teen photo sharing site that in its heydays counted over 25 million registered users.
Hans was also director of professional solutions at imaging software company, Live Picture.
Hans Hartman and Alexis Gerard
For whom and why:
Anyone in the photo and video ecosystem who wants to learn how the shifting landscape of cameras will impact not only how professional photographers make camera and smartphone purchasing discussions, but also how this will impact aspiring pros, influencers, gig photographers, and consumer photographers.
Click here to buy your ticket and use dreg45k as discount code.
Ideas for future webinars prior to our main Visual 1st conference in October?
Hans Hartman
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