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Virtual Exhibition Announcement
Photo by Jahmier Manaigo
Announcing the release of our online exhibition with the Forum at Columbia University! This exhibition, built around the theme of water, was originally designed as an in-person celebration meant to take place this past April. Due to Covid-19, we are finding new ways to share and exhibit our student’s work in the safest possible environment. This online exhibition features students’ photographs from our program with the YWCA at New Design Middle School (in West Harlem).
Please enjoy this water-themed online exhibition at
This class and all of our programs are now being taught online through video conferencing. For more information about our online programs, please visit our website or contact Olivia Hunter (
JHP Covid-19 Update
Due to Covid-19, we have seen an increased need for creative outlets for our communities. We have been hard at work to move all of our programs online while continuing to expand our partnerships and reach. In the past several weeks, we have developed a new curriculum that works within the confines of social distancing, using cell phone, tablet, and laptop photography. Our students have explored “street photography” from their windows, food photography, and designing still lifes within their homes—all telling the stories of their lives in the pandemic.
During this time, we continue to look for new partnerships to share our work with communities who are in need. If you would like more information about our programs and mission, please contact Miriam Leuchter (
Support Us!
Covid-19 has taken a toll on many nonprofits financially. We are doing our best to keep bringing the power of photography to underserved communities throughout this time of crisis. We need your help to continue to be able to do this! If you are able to contribute to our cause, we would be deeply appreciative.
Thanks for your continued support!
Some images from our online programs
Photos by Audrey Hillard, Shirley Mitchell, Janie Edwards
Sincerely yours,
Miriam Leuchter
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