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Back in 1992, a group of footloose Viennese students stumbled upon a little black camera called the Lomo LC-A. Since then, millions of Lomographers from every corner of the planet have come together to build an unstoppable movement — Lomography! With us through thick and thin, the legendary LC-A has become a true analogue icon. And now, in our 25th year, we’re proud to introduce three new, leather-clad anniversary editions for the LC-A+, the LC-Wide and the LC-A 120.

Lomography Legends

Responsible for a monumental analogue movement in the midst of digital revolution, these new anniversary editions are the result of a whole quarter-century worth of happy mistakes, light leaks, film experiments, parties, inspiring road-trips, Antarctic treks, workshops and hundreds of exhibitions in museums and quirky street corner events!

Credits: jorgesato

Credits: bravebird

Get the Lomo Look!

Winning the hearts of creatives around the world with it’s off-the-hook experimental features and legendary ‘‘Lomo Look’’, it’s fair to say that the LC-A has cemented its place in the photography history hall of fame. Internationally renowned for its instantly identifiable moody vignetting and supernatural saturated colors, these special edition cameras are compatible with a wide range of exclusive accessories, and feature a unique embossed leather design.

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Take it with You Wherever You Go!

The LC-A has been our go-to, pocket-sized companion for a whole quarter-century now, amazing us each and every day with its experimental abilities like long exposures, multiple exposures, precise zone focusing, easy auto-exposure, and so much more. It constantly surprises us with ever more weird, wacky, and unforeseeable outcomes — and we can’t wait for you to experience this loveable live-wire’s creative magic too!


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