Innovation Now 2015


Innovation Now 2015
Photo Industry & Technology Summit

Photography has never been more affordable, accessible and ubiquitous ~ creating new challenges for our entire industry.

  • How do photographer’s translate creative talent into profitable services?
  • How do providers change perceptions and habits to create automated and integrated workflows for saving, sharing, and retrieving important visual content?

To dive deeper into the opportunities and issues facing the photo imaging industry today, PMAI gathered luminaries and leaders at InnovationNow 2015, a flagship conference designed to foster connections, inspire collaboration, and explore ideas for strengthening and growing the industry, with a focus on the consumer experience, industry interoperability, and the power of pictures.

Key Takeaways

  • Exciting new chapters are being written for the photo industry every day, connecting the business of photography to emerging technological and behavioral transformations, expanding the universe of opportunity for all.
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs are establishing exciting new imaging business opportunities. All participants in the photo industry ecosystem must work collectively to anticipate and nimbly welcome the next wave of innovations.
  • A dynamic photo-industry focused trade organization  like PMAI is essential to foster productive exchange of ideas and opportunities, and to develop pragmatic solutions to preserve photo legacies and expand ways to share, save, and retrieve images for future generations.

Event Highlights


One and half days of industry insights, networking opportunities, and innovative product demos. AGENDA


30 speakers from technology giants, industry captains, and innovative entrepreneurs. SPEAKERS


Vendors showcased offering in a fun and fast-paced interactive format.

Innovation Now 2015 Key Themes & Trends

Consumer Experience

Learn how some innovators are delivering the next generation of photo product solutions.

Industry Interoperability

How do we ensure interoperability between platforms in a cloud-based world?

Power of Pictures

See how one industry giant is using the power of pictures to engage customers.

Innovation & Integration

How are traditional players working with disrupters to spark continued innovation?

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