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The Imaging Alliance is proud to represent the leaders in the imaging industry. We are defining the future of visual communication and are thrilled to share these imaging resources with you. From pictures you can only take with a REAL camera, to organizing your photos and creating albums you will cherish forever. Enjoy these exclusive tips and ideas for helping you value your pictures. 

Remember these takeaways when you are capturing the moments in your life.

  • Keep Taking Pictures

  • Consider using a “Real Camera” for photos you just can’t get with a smartphone

  • Start Printing

  • Organize Your Images

  • Start Making Albums again

See how the Power of the Print can make a difference in the way your family cherishes memories.

Your Imaging Alliance Guides

The Ultimate Guide to bringing your photos into the Digital Age

The idea of scanning boxes and albums full of photos may seem daunting, but the old adage still holds true: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” Here are 10 Tips to get you started.

Free Your Photos from Your Camera Roll

Smartphones have revolutionized how we capture our memories, and a downfall of such ease is that we never do anything with the photos. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with going through all your digital pictures to print them, don’t worry – we’re here to help!

10 Fun and Easy Photo Album Ideas

Now that you are organized and printing, it’s time to work on building photo albums. Get the kids involved. Get the grandparents helping. Create photo albums that will live on for generations to come.

5 Pictures You Can Only Take with a REAL Camera

Smartphones are with us all the time and take some great photos. There are pictures that you just can’t take with a smartphone though. Here is your guide to five of those scenarios where you need a REAL camera to capture the moments in your life that mean the most.

Your Heritage

What’s inside you isn’t just your DNA, but also the life experiences passed to you by your ancestors – which were often played out all over the world. Revisiting the places your ancestors knew is life-changing, and preparation is key. Here is your guide to making today’s memories become tomorrow’s legacy.

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