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App-friendly and Multifunctional, iCandy Device Makes Photographer’s Life Sweeter By Bringing Together Photo-related Applications and Camera Equipment

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

iCandy, Inc., is an emerging innovator and distributor of photography products. It began shipping today on its flagship product, iCandy, a universal smartphone mount designed to make photo shoots more productive for both photographer and subject. Available directly from iCandy, Inc., Amazon, Adorama and B&H Photo, iCandy enhances portrait sessions by unifying camera equipment with video, audio, and photo-related applications.

Manufactured in the USA, iCandy’s straightforward screw mounting system enables anyone to affix a smartphone directly below the lens of his or her camera in an eye-catching location. Its universal mount and adapters work with almost any smartphone, lens, tripod and virtually all DSLRs, regardless of using a battery grip.

With iCandy in place, adults easily read scripted narratives for video shoots or follow written pose directions, while children will find a happy face with cartoons, amusing videos or music playing. The device’s varied uses include:

  • A teleprompter for video recordings; whether for a personal or professional shoot, subjects can see words directly below the camera lens, the same as broadcast news anchors
  • An entertainment source; distract children with amusing cartoons/videos or amuse adults with fun clips
  • A photo assistant; rotate iCandy 180 degrees to easily access any of thousands of photography applications on the smartphone directly below the screen of the camera
  • A juke box; set the tone with upbeat or relaxing music to put a subject in the right mood to achieved desired results for the shoot
  • A mirror; use the smartphone’s forward-facing camera to help subjects receive instant feedback and respond more quickly to posing recommendations with the instant reflection
  • For point-of-view films; photographers can use the smartphone to record a video of themselves as they are working


“iCandy looks good and is valuable to photographers both professional and hobbyist. Photographers will find their time with their subjects more productive by having music, video and photo applications easily within arm’s reach. Subjects will relish their time in the spotlight more with entertaining distractions or informative directions,” said Ryan Maners, iCandy inventor and owner of Rusted Roof Photography. “Photographers tell us that iCandy is the missing accessory in their camera bag. With it, they don’t have to fumble to use multiple devices at the same time. They can work more efficiently, and their models – from kids to grownups – enjoy their time more than ever.”

Availability, Specifications and Pricing
A patent pending product of iCandy Inc., iCandy is available immediately. Its length is adjustable, from 1.5 inches to 6 inches; height varies from 1.75 inches to 3 depending on whether it is used with a battery grip and weighs 7 ounces. The introductory price is $99.99. Further details are available at, Amazon, Adorama and B&H.

About iCandy
iCandy, Inc., an emerging innovator and distributor of photography products, specializing in providing state of the art products that allow photographers the ability to maximize their talents. iCandy’s flagship product, iCandy allows photographers to utilize their smartphones during a shoot to grab the attention of children, assist in posing, allow quick access to photography apps, act as a teleprompter and more. Engage with company founders on Facebook and Twitter.

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