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New Social Media Session Ideal for Influencers Looking to Have Content to Post for a Month or More

Headshots by The Light Committee, an award-winning Los Angeles area headshot studio, has announced a new session ideal for social media influencers seeking to have premium photos to post as content over a month or longer period. The studio also announced it is planning to not change its other headshot rates during Q1 2021.

The new Social Media Session is ideal for anyone that wants premium photos to use for a long time on social media. It works as follows. A customer will meet with the photographer at a pre-determined location that must be within Los Angeles county. This can include a park, the beach, the Headshots by The Light Committee studio, as examples.

Once a location, date and time are also confirmed, a customer will meet with the photographer to do the session. The shoot time is limited to two hours and travel to and form for the photographer is limited to one hour each way. During the shoot, the customer and photographer can move about to change scenery or background visuals. Ultimately around 200-300 premium photos will be captured. Examples of such premium photos can be viewed here.

An online gallery will be setup so the customer can then select 10 of the photos for additional light retouching. All the other usable hundreds of photos will also be provided but without retouching. Therefore, it is recommended retouching be chosen for shots that are closer-up, such as headshots instead of full-body shots. Photos are provided as high-quality JPEG files ready for social media posting.

Delivery of the photos is provided via a download link, usually withing a few days after the customer makes their retouch selections. With literally hundreds of photos provided, customers will have premium photos to standout and use on social media potentially for months, depending on the frequency of posting.

Expenses, if any, are additional and include items like parking fees, property fees, etc. Permits for locations and other permissions may be required and thus might limit where photography shoots can occur.

The session is currently priced at $550. Interested customers can book online.

About Headshot Services
The studio provides headshots, lifestyle shots, modeling digitals, and social media shoots for any persons desiring such services. Commonly, these include actor headshots, corporate headshots or LinkedIn headshots, modeling headshots, ERAS® medical residency headshots, dating and social media profile content photos.

Complete details about how a session works can be found online. Contact information is on the website.

About Headshots by The Light Committee
To learn about the studio, visit the Google listing. Headshots by The Light Committee, 699 E Colorado St, Glendale, CA, 91205, serves greater Los Angeles. Customers can also call or message 1-818-300-9434. The studio offers headshots for actors, business professionals, models, authors, musicians, and for various other business portrait / head shot services. From more than 1,200 photographers researched in 2019, rated this studio as being in the top one percent best portrait photographers in Los Angeles. More information can be found at the company website.

Note: The Light Committee is a service mark of a California S Corporation. Whether noted or not, references to other certain words or names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. All images produced are protected by U.S. Copyright Law.

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