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For those photo editors looking for the Snapseed app to make a desktop release, it’s probably not going to happen. Instead, Google has drawn inspiration from that popular photo editing app by Nik Software (which Google acquired) and incorporated several changes to Google+ Photos, which can be accessed from your Chrome browser.

Google+ Photos is easy-to-use and offers several Snapseed-esque editing tools that are both selective, letting you target specific aspects of your image, and non-destructive, letting you revert changes you’ve made at any time. To start editing, you’ll need a Google+ account, a mind open to creativity, and a bunch of your images (0f course).

The user interface is straightforward – different adjustment tools are on the right side of your browser; the functions Undo, Redo, Revert, and Compare (which lets you see your edits compared to the original image) are located at the top; and on the bottom, a navigation bar lets you scroll through your images. Google+ Photos lets you add location data to your images and also has an auto-enhance feature, when  you don’t feel like using the selective adjustments.

Basic adjustments

Tune Image: Gives you access to the familiar settings of brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, and warmth.

Selective: Add a control point to your image to specifically affect an area’s brightness, contrast, or shadows. You can easily click and drag your cursor to apply different intensities of the selected property to your image. You’re free to change the size and location of the control point, and you can seemingly add as many as you see fit.

Details: Lets you tinker with sharpness and structure settings. You can choose from existing presets ranging from “neutral” to “detailed,” depending on how sharp or blurred you want your image to be.

Crop: A staple among editing tools, you can crop in 360 degrees or choose a cropping ratio of  3:2, 16:9, or others. You can also use a slider to get finer control of your crop.

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