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By Alan Bullock – May 19, 2017 –

Over the last few years, Google has launched a number of mobile products and services that included various degrees of intelligence. At the Google I/O tech-fest, which kicked off on May 17 in Mountain View, CA, the company signaled a significant shift toward intelligent products and services, many of which happen to be mobile. Included in the many announcements were three new features for Google Photos, the company’s photo storage and organization service that was launched two years ago.

Suggested Sharing is targeted at those people who promise to share photos of events and outings with friends and family members, but never quite get around to doing so. It uses machine learning (including facial recognition) to remind users to share, as well as suggest which photos to share and the people with whom they should be shared. The user can choose to review the photos and the recipients before they are shared. Recipients who are Google Photos users can choose to add some or all of the shared photos to their own collections. If they also have photos from the same event, Google Photos will choose the best ones and suggest that they share those back with the same group of people. Recipients who are not Google Photos users can enjoy the shared photos in a web experience.

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