In Frontpage Featured Content, News is an online marketplace for used and new photography and videography gear. The website was created by photographers, videographers & filmmakers who saw the need for better solution for buying and selling photography and videography related equipment. The website allows anyone to create free listings for photo, video and other related equipment.


GAMBRILLS, Md. (PRWEB) September 28, 2019

A passionate team of visual artists is excited to launch the fresh, highly anticipated online marketplace for buying and selling new and used camera gear: Gear Focus!

“We started Gear Focus with a single goal in mind: solve the problems we have experienced with buying and selling camera gear online. To do this, we had to dive into what makes it so difficult.”

First and foremost, the team behind Gear Focus is comprised of creatives. They are photographers, videographers, filmmakers, and people who share stories with a lens. Because of this, they have all been exactly where you are now: sitting in front of a computer screen looking for a way to buy and sell gear without scammers, unmotivated buyers, and overpriced listings.

Fortunately, the Gear Focus team has created a place for people like you.

“We at Gear Focus have set ourselves a challenge: make it the best. We’re making a site for people like us, and people like us won’t stand for anything less than an awesome experience.”

With the lowest seller fees of any online marketplace and a focused community of photographers and videographers, Gear Focus makes it possible to safely and quickly buy and sell your new and used camera equipment. Selling is a breeze, and Gear Focus won’t collect a cent in seller fees until your item sells. Their site will help you price your gear and sell it to a focused market of people exactly like you.

One of the Gear Focus team’s biggest pet peeves is paying to make money. So their first resolution was to minimize fees as much as possible to get you more for your gear.

There are no subscriptions, no up front costs, and absolutely no irrelevant listings like armoires for sale by “Aunt Betty” like some other online marketplaces. Gear Focus puts your gear in front of people who actually know what it’s worth, making this site a step above the competition.

Technology in photography and videography is evolving at an astonishing rate. Novice and professional photographers and filmmakers are constantly upgrading to the latest, most advanced gear. Gear Focus allows them to stay up-to-date with the photo and video gear they need to achieve their vision, without losing enormous value on the equipment they no longer need.

By reducing fees and offering a more focused platform, with enhanced information about accurate gear values, photographers and videographers are able to get fair market value for their used equipment, allowing them to continue pursuing their passion while helping to reduce the financial strain. Not to mention anyone that has an old camera laying around but has no idea what it’s worth can get it into the hands of someone who will use it (and make a few bucks along the way.) charges a 3.5% commission fee to the seller as well as a small percent for credit card processing. (PayPal charges a separate fee for their service – Gear Focus charges nothing extra for PayPal transactions.) Currently photographers and videographers are limited when selling their equipment locally which has an extremely limited reach. Auction-based websites have fees as high as 10%, and big corporations can leave sellers with as little as 30-40¢ on the dollar.

Gear Focus is currently working on and will be releasing soon both iPhone and Android apps, which include the site’s main features as well as mobile-specific features. Features include help for both buyers and sellers in achieving quick gear sales as well as tracking of photography and videography gear for which they are searching.

Their site is easy to navigate and makes buying and selling simple. No hidden fees, no fine print. Buyers can give open, honest feedback, browse gear by brand and type, and find the hottest listings from sellers nationwide. Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to improve your kit, Gear Focus has something for everyone.

This is truly a site that wants to see you grow and succeed as an artist. Your passion as a visual artist fuels your trade, and Gear Focus can be your partner for new and improved gear. And to celebrate the launch of their new site, Gear Focus is offering zero seller fees until October 31! If you were on the fence about giving it a try, you now have absolutely nothing to lose.

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