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CanvasPeople is offering a free 11×14 canvas print so that shoppers on any budget can share what they love. By covering the cost of shipping and handling, customers can have a free canvas delivered straight to their door, allowing them to experience the talented craftsmanship of CanvasPeople prints before making a purchasing decision.

LYNBROOK, N.Y. (PRWEB) June 19, 2019

Whether it’s a son’s baseball game or a daughter’s dance recital, a family on vacation or Fido playing fetch on the beach, life is chock full of beautiful moments that we capture at the click of a camera. Pictures help us remember both special occasions and simple times, conjuring heart-felt emotions whenever they’re glanced at.

Now, you can Share What You Love™ by taking the photos that live on a phone or computer and turning them into stunning works of art for all to admire. CanvasPeople wants everyone to be able to celebrate, honor, and share life’s special moments, which is why they’re offering a free 11×14 canvas print to all their online shoppers—no purchase necessary.

CanvasPeople Limited Time Offer

With this limited time offer, customers can make a customized 11×14 canvas print for free. All that CanvasPeople asks is for their shoppers to cover the cost of shipping and handling. What inspired the company to roll out this promotion? They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to create meaningful works of art which add a sentimental touch to home décor. CanvasPeople makes it possible to preserve a fun memory and enjoy a its daily, visual reminder on any budget.

Experience Craftsmanship before Your Eyes

When shoppers discover CanvasPeople online, it might be hard to understand how personalized artwork, in museum-grade quality, is available at such an affordable price. With a free 11×14 canvas print, customers can see the quality and experience the dedicated craftsmanship CanvasPeople pours into their work before making any purchasing decisions.

Using state-of-the-art technology, CanvasPeople allows customers to showcase memories in rich color with sharp contrast and high resolution. The canvas material stretches around the sides of the frame for an immersive effect that a picture alone cannot accomplish. An 11×14 canvas provides a sense of depth that pulls viewers into the scene, almost as if they were there, making a moment last a lifetime.

Share What You Love™ in a medium that lasts generations. All prints will be finished with a protective coating that defends against moisture and abrasions, so the condition remains pristine no matter what life throws its way or how many years pass.

Finishing Touches and Personal Finesse

Create a free 11×14 canvas by simply uploading a loved photo directly off a phone or computer, or import one from Facebook or Instagram. There are options to add creative effects by turning the image into black and white or sepia tone, or adding a bright color pop.

CanvasPeople changes the game by enabling users to print the photo as-is, or add finishing touches with the ability to remove red-eye, time stamps, blemishes, and more. While bringing their image to life, customers have the option to upgrade from a free 11×14 canvas on a standard 0.75-inch wrap to a thicker wrap and larger dimensions. The end product results in custom artwork that’s as original as the memory displayed.

Explore creativity, make unique art, and Share What You Love™ for free. After the first trial, customers will be eager design another piece of home decor, or create a gift for family and friends.

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