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Only Days Remaining for Consumers to Back Hands-Free, Pocket-Sized Aerial Selfie Camera on Indiegogo


Meet your new pocket-sized personal photographer, the soon-to-be-launched AIR PIX—a lightweight, affordable aerial camera currently seeking backing on Indiegogo. Tired of asking strangers to take your picture or relying on bulky selfie sticks to get the best photo? AIR PIX is a convenient, user-friendly way to take HD selfies and group photos every time.

Offering one-touch autonomous flight and gesture control, the AIR PIX aerial camera can take photographs and videos from angles you never thought possible with just the wave of a hand or by using the AIR PIX app. The app gives you the option to take 5, 10, or 15 photos for every 10 seconds of flight, or you can use AIR PIX’s video functionality to record video for the entire duration. Sync the AIR PIX app to your social media channels to easily share your images in real-time, and take advantage of AIR PIX’s in-app editing options which allow you to crop, rotate, color correct, add filters, and more. The app also offers a digital joystick which allows you to fly AIR PIX around, as well as offers automated flight plans to allow you to immerse yourself in whatever activity you’re doing while capturing gorgeous photos and videos.

Smaller than an iPhone X and the same weight of a golf ball, the AIR PIX pocket drone can go anywhere with you to capture meaningful moments in your life as they happen. To avoid blurry images and shaky video footage, the product offers smooth air flight stabilization. Its Capture Me facial recognition and tracking functionality allow AIR PIX to focus in on you, meaning you no longer need to spend time framing your shot.

Each AIR PIX comes equipped with a carrying case, 8 GB MicroSD Card, and a USB-C cable. For those who need an extra boost of flight time, AIR PIX also offers an optional mobile power bank that allows for 6 full camera charges and ensures that you are always ready to shoot.

Visit the Indiegogo page to back to AIR PIX’s ongoing campaign and get ready to capture your life in action.

About AirSelfie’s, AIR PIX

AirSelfie designed AIR PIX to take your photography to the next level through its aerial camera technology. This easy-to-use device works with the AIR PIX app which allows you to customize the number of photos taken during each flight, offers in-app editing options, and easily syncs your newly-captured images to social media. Its lightweight nature makes AIR PIX the perfect camera for on-the-go, allowing you to take HD images at any location with ease. AIR PIX is currently in the process of fundraising; for additional information on the product and to support, check out the AIR PIX campaign on Indiegogo.

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