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Wetzlar, February 18, 2020. Thanks to an update to the firmware for the Leica Q2, the
successful compact camera with full-frame sensor is now able to offer numerous new
features, along with noticeable enhancements to many aspects of its performance. Many of
these improvements have been implemented in response to feedback received from Q2
photographers. These include a selectable AF field size, changes to the Touch AF mode
(whereby Touch AF + Release is now possible in all AF modes), and a more advantageous
Auto ISO behavior (whereby the priority is now set to the correct exposure). Q2
photographers also requested a faster DNG writing speed, which has now been improved by
the factor 2x, as well as a faster transfer speed of images to the Leica FOTOS App, which
has been increased by 50 percent.
The electronic viewfinder now offers a choice of two frame rates: either 60 frames per second
at full resolution, or 120 frames per second at a lower resolution for a more fluid display
when capturing fast moving subjects. Furthermore, users are able to activate the AF and AE
lock function via the Zoom button, in order to lock the focus or exposure settings while
recomposing the shot. The movable AF frame not only enhances the autofocus, but can also
be used as the basis for a magnified view in Manual Focus mode. A new Status screen
provides a full overview and fast access to all photo and video settings, and makes it quick
and easy to switch between the two recording modes.
These are just some of the new improvements available to owners of a Leica Q2. The full list
can be found in the installation instructions for the Q2 firmware update 2.0, which – just like
the update itself – can be downloaded free of charge at https://us.leicacamera.

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