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VANCOUVER, British Columbia (PRWEB) June 21, 2018

Filmora Video Editor, a powerful and easy-to-use video editing software, released its new brand mission today at VidCon US 2018 in Anaheim, CA; to empower video creators to express themselves and share their lives. In a commercial which encourages viewers to tell their unique stories with videos, the new tagline — Empower Your Story — was revealed.

“It was important to make this announcement at VidCon. The creators and YouTube fans who attend VidCon share our love of online video – they understand that video is the best, most vivid, way to share their personal story,” said Cole Vineyard, Director of Product Development at Filmora. “We’ve advanced – technologically and socially – beyond the point where great video content could only be produced by professional filmmakers and editors. Everyone has a story to tell, and between the high quality camera in every smartphone and how easy it is to share a video to social media, everybody now has the ability to tell their unique story.”

Online video has become the dominant form of content. However on YouTube, the total number of active monthly users is 1.5 billion as of June 2017. The number of users actually creating content is just 50 million as of January 2017. That means only 3% of YouTube’s active users create videos, and that 3% also includes brands and businesses.

“Uploads to YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms have increased, but there are actually still a surprisingly small number of content creators,” Vineyard observes.

Considering how vital online video has become, and how easy it now is to film a high-quality video, why are so few of the people who visit YouTube creating their own videos?

“Video editing can be overwhelming for a lot of people. In order to make the kinds of videos people love to watch on YouTube one need to learn how to edit, which can be difficult,” said Vineyard. “Filmora is committed to providing an easy, drag-and-drop, editing experience you can just jump into, complete with ready-to-use professional video effects. We want to break down any barriers that might be stopping aspiring creators from being creative and sharing their story. We want them to feel empowered.”

“That’s what this new message is about–giving more people the ability to share their stories. There are a lot of young people attending VidCon this year that have the potential to become tomorrow’s great creators, even though they maybe haven’t posted any videos yet. We want to get those people creating too,” said Vineyard

Filmora’s booth at VidCon is designed to encourage attendees to get creative and jump into making videos at their interactive LED wall. Sharing those videos (or photos) with #UnicornFilmora will earn participants free licenses for Filmora Video Editor – all you have to do to get the ultimate creative software for YouTube is start creating! The booth will also have crafts, contests, and creator interviews, so there will always be something to do or watch.

About Filmora: Filmora is committed to taking storytelling to the next level by providing a suite of video editing programs and resources for creators of all skill levels. Launched by Wondershare Technology Co., Ltd in 2014, Filmora has over 50 million happy users around the world. Filmora’s product lineup includes: Filmora Video Editor, Filmora Scrn, Effects Store, FilmoraGo, Vlogit and Information about Filmora can be found here:

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